Supermodel Cara Delevingne is pretty much everywhere lately. From strutting the glitter paved runway of the Victoria Secret fashion show to making out courtside at the Lakers game, the girl certainly knows how to make a statement. Now that she’s begun to conquer the celeb world, Cara’s got something else up her sleeve. From model to designer it is for young Cara with her hot new collaboration with DKNY. The brand, always reliable for sophisticated but slightly edgy pieces, remains a tried and true for fashionistas and we predict Cara will fit right in with their chic downtown girl aesthetic.

While Cara is now rolling with the heavy hitters at DKNY, she wouldn’t live up to her rep if she didn’t do things her way. Always the bad girl, Cara’s collection is sure to contain laid-back pieces that scream urban edge. The 15-piece capsule will hit stores in November, just in time for the frigid holiday season. From sweat pants and beanies to hip little T-shirts, Cara’s designs for DKNY are sure to satisfy even the too-cool-for-designer-pieces gal. And if you thought this thing is sure to break your budget, think again. You can snag pieces for around $70 with T-shirts running upwards of about a bill and a half. Although these pieces will be hella laid-back, glamour girls can definitely incorporate some hot add-ons to create an ultra luxe spin on loungewear. Things like red lips, luxe gold accessories and structured handbags can instantly add polish to edgy pieces.