Every June we suddenly find ourselves smack dab in the middle of wedding season, about to embark on a sweet few months of weddings and bachelorette parties galore. Whether you’re attending all these affairs of simply looking from afar via Instagram, you’re going to want to be prepared with a few adorable summer wedding dresses on standby, just in case that cutie you just met needs a last minute date to his brother’s cousin’s friend’s sister’s wedding or whatever. From the little black dress to the always in style floral variety, you can also use hot accessories to transform what you’ve got already hanging in your fab little closet.

Even the least expensive of dresses can be dressed up to look like a million bucks. Believe it or not, mall stores like Forever 21 carry crazy affordable cut-out maxi dresses that can be disguised as evening gowns given a few additions of accessories. Add a luxe gold snake necklace and throw hair up in a super sophisticated up-do to rock a glam goddess look that’s sure to turn heads.

Now, on to those fab little floral numbers. Colorful abstract floral prints are hot hot hot during spring and summer, so let them make their statement by incorporating minimal but impactful accessories. A simple pop-of-color clutch, a striking bold pout or even a rockin’ bright mani can do wonders for pairing with a flirty floral number.