You go, Riri!  If you thought cotton candy hair was a surefire disaster, you’d be dead wrong. We think Rihanna is killling the look. Since every thing she touches turns to trend, we expect to see an onslaught of pale pink pixie cuts in the coming months and trust us, we won’t be complaining! These cuts, edgy as they are, are a serious dose of pretty.

Now, enough about hair and onto the fashion. Rocking one of our favorite laid-back looks, oh, ever, Riri is slaying in this Joyrich T-shirt and distressed jeans combo. Those other girls can keep their bandage dresses and sparkly sequined tank tops because Riri doesn’t need all that jazz. Her fabulousness is out in full-force. While there are definitely a few tweaks we’d make to the look, she’s Riri, so we’ll just let them slide. If you too want to nail this casual chic ensemble, there are plenty of ways to do so, sister. Swap out the oversized tee for one that’s a bit more fitted. A vintage band T-shirt is a great option to roll with. Next, be sure that your jeans are looking beat. Something about perfectly neat jeans is SO not rock n’ roll. Finally, be sure your shoes aren’t too busy. The entire point of this look is to appear effortless. Stick to neutral heels in a sophisticated silhouette to create the killer contrast that makes this entire ensemble work, honey. A swipe of red or hot pink lipstick is sure to seal the deal to perfection.