During the world cup period running from June 12 to July 13, you might find yourself travelling in the US instead being in Brazil in person for the occasional yet football event. Well, you need not worry because you can always catch up with the events if visit specific places in the US. In the section that follows, you will learn of the best places to watch the 2014 World Cup and cheer your teems of interest.


Both residents and visitors in Baltimore can catch the football events as they unravel in Brazil from the comfort of the best places in town. You would to celebrate your teams in style and from the best places that air the particular matches. Here are among the best places you may consider. Slainte Irish pub and restaurant, Abbey Burger Bistro, Smaltimore, James Joyce Irish Pub and Restaurant, Liam Flynn’s Ale House and De Kleine Duivel. Other equally exciting places in Baltimore include Looney’s Pub, No Idea Tavern, Lib’s Grill, Amiccis, Racers’ café, Max’s Taphouse, The Lighthouse Tavern and Home Slyce Pizza Bar.

2014 world cup
Places to watch football in Chicago

Watching World Cup football with your family can be great fun more especially when you change the setting apart from your house. To the family, it is time to identify with their teams while enjoying the company of other families. Among the best places include the Grant Park, Chicago Sports Center, Local Chicago restaurants, Bars and Cultural Centers. You would want to choose the one near you for convenient purposes. Otherwise, you can heighten the football excitement by choosing the furthest place in Chicago.


If you are in Dallas and want to enjoy the football matches supporting your team of choice then you have a selection of the best places to choose from. These places include locations in Londoner, Idle Rich Pub, Allen Wickers, Ojos Locos, Trinity Hall and Poor House among other best locations in Dallas.

Best places to watch FIFA World cup in Los Angeles

Both residents and visitors who love football can catch live football events as streamed live from Brazil. Depending on your preferences and location, you would want to choose from the various places in down town Los Angeles to enjoy the usually exciting football matches of interest. The best places you may want to consider include Cranes’ Downtown, Casey Irish Pub, The Escondite, Spitz, Little Bear, Los Angeles Brewing Company and Weiland Brewery Underground. Even with this selection, you would want to choose the best among the above best that ensures you enjoy the matches as much as possible.


Residents in Memphis can equally enjoy the excitement of the football season even from residence. To improve the excitement, you would want to watch the games in groups as gathered in the best places in Memphis. Among those places include Celtic crossing in midtown, the Fox and Hound in western Memphis, Royal Hookah Café in Raleigh and Sache in Downtown.