We all like to take a long walk on the hills or even on the mountains with our friends or relatives, to get out of the city for a while, but how about getting to the next level? If we are talking about extreme hiking, taking your child with you might not be a great idea, simply because it is difficult. Extreme hiking means special training, expensive equipment and a great physical condition.

extreme hiking

What do the trainers say?

Extreme hiking is about teaching people the greatest feeling of freedom. There are numerous Hiking Trails in every major city. When you conquer the highest mountain in your region and you stay on top of it, admiring the entire world, it is one of the best feelings in the world. the trainers are in permanent contact with people that lack experience. However, it is their job to train those beginners. Initially, the preparation stage means a risky business, dangerous and which requires a dose of madness. During the last stages, people see it as a logical activity, where things don’t look as extreme as they used to look.

Still, the extreme hikers are considered a little crazy, even if it is fiction. Hikers are not some kamikaze expecting to die in every second. What is risk? Risk means to breathe the polluted air of the cities, to cross the street on the red light or to drive on the highway with 150 miles per hour, so if some people choose another “risky business”, we should try to understand them, not to judge them.

Who are the people that try extreme hiking trails

The risk can’t ever be eliminated from the mountains, and nobody could guarantee the perfect security of people trying it. this is a fundamental truth that must be understood by every hiker. Whether we are talking about individuals that like to go on the mountains by themselves, or about the ones that activate in mountain clubs, or even about the hiking instructors, they all have to understand that.

Going with your bike through the city might be even more dangerous. However, people died trying extreme hiking, so we can’t say that this is a “risk free” activity.

At the same time, many other practice those activities without major problems, so we can’t say that it is an unsafe activity, if you know how to do it. best chance it to find the best hiking trails near you or where ever you may be visiting at the time.

Nature comes with risk and safety, and we can’t characterize it only in black or white. Moreover, it is a subjective matter. A hiking course made with a trainer without experience will be extremely risky. The risk in extreme hiking is defined as an immediate danger that is not visible. Danger appears from two factors: probability and consequences.

Understanding the risk in extreme hiking

The ‘adventure” activities are developing, and more people are interested about those. This means that tens of thousands of people are trying this sport every weekend, but the media is focused more on the rare accidents that happen. For this reason, extreme hiking is still considered a difficult and risky activity where you need to be a little mad to get involved.