Between the family time, good food and flowers blooming on Easter Sunday, it’s easily one of our favorite holidays for fashion. Dressing up in our finest floral frocks is always cause for a celebration and we’re definitely looking forward to getting all dolled up. It’s no surprise that florals are the undisputed rulers of spring fashion, so incorporate these pretty patterns into your outfit to knock the Easter fashion scene out of the park.

Outfit 1

Bold hues and huge florals? Yes, please! We can never get enough of pretty jewel tones come spring, so we’re loving everything about this Bellatrix frock. Vibrant patterns usually need no embellishment, but really, who can resist a metallic turquoise heel? Not us, that’s for sure. Any jewel tone shade will do. Throw on a cute blazer in white or another bold shade to tie the entire look together in a flash.

Outfit 2

Sassy, sultry and sophisticated may not be the typical look you strive for during Easter, but glamorous floral dresses certainly have their place. This dark floral frock is everything! Imagine how incredibly chic it will look when paired with black cat-eye sunglasses and a brilliant red or bright pink pout? Lady-like pumps or a pair of black strappy sandals are all you need to take the look to an entirely new level of style.

Outfit 3

Crop tops are almost a spring time necessity, so why not incorporate one into your laid-back Easter style? A cute floral skirt, skort or tailored shorts are the perfect pairing for bold crop tops in bright shades. Top things off with an adorable top-knot and you’re ready to hop, hop, hop this Easter away.


Photo: Polyvore