That super special time known as Festival Season is nearly upon us and it’s time to plan those outfit, ladies! Fringe, flowers and everything free-spirited will be seen all around the grounds of the summer’s hottest festivals, so use these trends as a guideline when you begin your shopping soon. Is that denim vest from last spring still hanging tough in your closet? Dust it off and get it ready for tons of wear. Working with a denim jacket instead? Follow these steps to get it to vest-status in no time!

1. Take the denim jacket and cut the sleeves off directly at the seams of the shoulder.

2. Bleach the newly cut vest for a more distressed look. It is always a good idea to practice the bleaching process with unwanted denim items.

3. The first step is to tightly roll the vest up and use a rubber-band to scrunch it up.

4. Use a ratio of 1/4 bleach and 3/4 water in a plastic tub and place the rolled up vest in the tub of bleach and water and mix. Be sure to use gloves!

5. After bleach has been applied, make sure to rinse your vest within five minutes.

5. Machine wash the vest alone. Do not machine dry the vest; instead, lay it out to dry.


Simple enough, huh? You’re now ready to rock your denim vest!


Photo: Funny Face Beauty