Ah, yes. This is the type of clutch dreams are made of. There’s no specialer time than when fashion and art collide and as we lay eyes upon this botanical beauty, we can’t help but yearn for one of our very own. Definitely a statement-maker, this cute little clutch will jazz up anything (and we do mean anything) in a flash. Whether you decide to rock it with a T-shirt and jeans or a hot little body-con dress, you can be sure all eyes will be focused on this amazingly chic accessory. Sport a floral clutch with solid-colored dresses in all shades of the rainbow to let it stand out to the max. Similarly, an ensemble of faded skinny jeans and a simple white tank top provides the perfect laid-back with which to add a hint of spice. Strappy sandals in pastel shades or metallics are a fabulous complement to both of these super stylish outfits. For a cool, unexpected contrast, let the flirty femininity of this Kotur clutch tone down the severity of all-black leather outfit. Neutrals provide the ultimate opportunity to allow such a bold clutch to shine, so pair “look at me” accessories with monochromatic outfits to make a splash.


Photo: Pinterest