When you’re rocking a totally stylish outfit but yearning for a little dose of something  to take the look over-the-top, reach no further than a glam ring to get the job done. Take your ensemble to new heights of style by incorporating luxe rings into your look. With tons of styles available in all different metals and colorful stones, every fashionista is sure to find one that fits well within her style and budget. Hit up stores with a wide variety of costume jewelry to ensure you’ve got a wide selection to choose from. Your local Forever21, Charlotte Russe or Burlington Coat Factory should have plenty of options to ensure you don’t go left barehanded when ready to rock.

Whether searching for something totally opulent or a mere accent to your mani, be sure you choose a style that can be worn time and time again. Think about your wardrobe and its most prevalent shades to ensure you create tons of great pairings. If you’re a lover of intense color and your wardrobe is chocked full of clothing in shades like pinks and greens, consider an ultra luxe metallic ring to perfectly enhance what you’ve already working with. Ring it on!