When your outfit needs an instant pick-me-up, you know, that something special to drive it right into wow territory, there’s no quicker way to accomplish it than by adding hint of fierceness by way of animal jewelry. Luxe embellished animal accessories provide an ultra glamorous dose of whimsy to a tons of different ensembles and whether you opt for a lion, frog or snake style, the statement making effects remains the same. There’s no way around it. Animal pieces are all the rage and from bold, bright colors to neutrals needing an extra kick, the addition of animal inspired jewelry into will showcase a ful and playful spirit that’s ready for a wild good time.

Embellished animal jewelry is the epitome of chic but do approach with caution. Too many animal inspired pieces at once can seem outright tacky. You want your jewelry to enhance your ensemble, not distract or take away from it. A flirty dress or pair of trousers can be made instantly more glam and edgy by the incorporation of a cheetah ring or chunky lion necklace. Similarly, a crisp white blazer can be made totally unique by pinning on a gorgeous animal brooch. The possibilities are endless when rocking this trend, but be sure to carry a fierce attitude when sporting these fierce accessories.