The “best of both worlds” in clothing personified, palazzo pants are most definitely the way to go when you simply can’t make up your mind about a spring or summer day’s outfit. With the ability to go from casual to dressy in a flash, palazzo pants will be all the rage during the warm months as fashiontistas eagerly embrace this larger than life bottom. Luckily, there are tons of ways to rock this trend to its fullest style potential.

As far as pants are concerned, palazzo pants are as glam as they come. Totally perfect for daytime soirees like baby showers and brunch, palazzo pants can be paired with anything form a crisp button-down to a cuter than words crop top or even a simple bandeau for maximum playfulness. Our favorite take on the trend involves pairing palazzo pants with a silk camisole or bustier and a large, floppy hat to get the glam effect going. Mysterious while sexy and still completely appropriate, this outfit is surely one to impress. To take the look toward the ultra-chic, combine palazzo pants with strappy heels, a camisole and oversized blazer. The epitome of luxe, a pair of large gold sunglasses and a swipe of lipstick serve as the proverbial cherry on top of this cool ensemble.