It’s inevitable. During the cold winter months where boots, coats and leggings are on a steady rotation in our wardrobes, style lovers can be caught at their desks, daydreaming about brighter times ahead. With spring comes florals and lovers of these super pretty prints are sure to embrace their reappearance with open arms. After months hidden in the shadows, florals will emerge with a vengeance come spring and it’s time to prepare your floral item shopping list for the occasion.
There are a few must-haves when shopping florals for your spring and summer wardrobes. First on the list? A super chic floral clutch, of course! Keep one on these in your closet for the warm weather to add a dose of pizazz to your solid-colored garments. Pair this vibrant Givenchy with a dress in shocking pink or a let it stand out among a simple and chic black jumpsuit. A pair of bright shoes will perfectly complement these prints, as will a swipe of hot pink lipstick. While a cute little clutch is among our top picks for spring florals, a pair of strappy sandals in a floral print will prove just as useful. There are simply no limits when it comes to these gorgeous patterns for the sunny times ahead.