As any fashionita may be well aware by now, nearly everything Marchesa touches turns to gold. The super chic brand is responsible for some of the most gorgeous special occasion gowns to rock the red carpet and as such, plenty of budget-friendly fashionistas are sure to embrace any opportunity for a piece of the Marchesa pie. Filled with indulgent sparkle and gorgeous embroidery, Marchesa’s designs are intricately beautiful and continue to make a fashion impact well after they’re worn. In keeping true to their tradition for all things luxe, Marchesa embarked on creating a set of nail stickers to end all nail stickers. With 8 shades available, fashion lovers are sure to find a style that’s just their size. From metallic to ultra luxurious baroque designs, this collection inspires a fun fantasy that can be worn effortlessly on the fingertips. To allow these bold stick-ons to stand out to the max, pair with a black or white dress and let your nails do all the talking. The pack comes with plenty of stickers, so once you’ve got through a full set, use the others as accent nails to get the most out of your pack. There are a few styles perfect for every day wear, so stock up now that they’ve gone on sale.