It’s no surprise that today’s makeup lovers are definitely pushing the beauty envelope. Social media is chocked full of super talented makeup artists and beauty gurus, each staying up to date on the latest makeup trends in order to provide their many loyal followers with expert tips. A rocking makeup look has become just as important as the threads themselves and as such, tons of gals are eager to embrace the latest and greatest beauty looks. We absolutely love browsing their tutorials (Hey, Dulce Candy!) but with tons of awesome new products being released every day, it’s inevitable that a few crazy trends should pop up here and there. While we fully support a girl’s right to rock whatever makes her feel most confident, we can’t help be a tad perplexed by the onslaught of blue, green and black lips we’ve seen on the runways and on the streets. Cutting-edge and definitely cool, we’ve got to give it up to the brave dolls rocking these shades. In fashion, thinking outside the box is encouraged, but is this trend too far gone? ;How are we feeling? Totally for it or a bit on the apprehensive side? How would you wear shocking lipstick? Discuss!