Oh, Jimmy Choo, how we love you. Nearly every fashionista on the planet has surely heard the name Jimmy Choo uttered at least once in her life. Master of Shoes, Choo continues to grace the world with a wide selection of totally beautiful high heels that would make any style lover’s heart skip a beat. While he is definiltey most revered for his numerous contributions to Shoeciety, Choo has quickly made a name for himself in the clutch game, providing a steady stream of covetable handbags for the fashion masses. Modern with a timeless edge, Jimmy Choo cluthes are all the rage for their sleek designs and bold prints and patterns. We are currently coveting this floral print version for spring and we’ll be pairing it with the perfect fitted dress in a vibrant color and a pair of nude strappy sandals sure to make our legs appear miles along. Be sure to rock a killer mani when sporting these chic little clutches. A bold hue will bring out the best of these indulgent handbags. Enviable style wrapped up in one tiny package. It simply doesn’t get any better than this. Break open the piggy bank because it’s time to purchase a piece of Choo.