Getting a chance to be on the kiss cam at a sports game is an honor that not many have had the privilege of. Couples head out to sports games in the hope that they can show off their love to the world in front of their favorite sports team.

However, this wasn’t the case with this unhappy couple that had the honor bestowed upon them. Feeling rejected by her man, this woman quickly sprung into action and made sure she’d never be rejected again.

20. NBA Crowds

Image: Youtube/Atlanta Hawks

On average, roughly $20,000 people attend a NBA game during any given year. One of the teams with the greatest crowds happens to be the Chicago Bulls, as their 2017 season brought in some of the biggest crowds that the NBA has seen in a while. With such a huge crowd of people, it’s almost impossible to be picked out as the lucky couple for the kiss cam..

19. Jumbotron

Image: YouTube

All major North American sports games are now equipped with Jumbotrons that broadcast the highlights of the game. However, during breaks, the large-screen televisions will often broadcast one lucky couple that will have the opportunity to show their love to the world by kissing on camera. The crowd will then either cheer them or make them feel terrible with an array of boo’s.

This story is the second version of a kiss cam situation and you won’t believe how bad it got!

18. Camera Shy

Image: YouTube/Atlanta Hawks

While some people are happy to plant a big smooch on their significant other, some aren’t so excited to do so. There have been many instances where people have refused to kiss on camera. However, for every rejection there’s a willing couple that loves the spotlight. In fact, many people take the opportunity to propose, but this couple took rejection to the NEXT LEVEL!

17. Awkward Situations

Image: YouTube/Atlanta Hawks

There have been some pretty awkward situations with the kiss cam spectacle. The camera has unintentionally zoomed in on fathers and daughters as well as siblings. Many family members have made the most of the situation with adorable pecks on the cheek to show their loving affection – keeping the crowd happy.

Our next couple that decided to put a new spin on the revenge kiss, however, blew the crowd away!

16. Uncomfortable

Image: YouTube/Atlanta Hawks

It’s perfectly ok to not feel comfortable kissing your significant other in front of hundreds of thousands of people. People have often refused to comply with the tradition and it hasn’t turned into such a spectacle like the incident you’ll read about here. You won’t believe how bad things got!

15. Original Purpose

Image: YouTube/Atlanta Hawks

The kiss cam’s original purpose was never to make couples uncomfortable or to force people on the spot to kiss. The intention was to get the crowd engaged during half time and to keep them excited and on their toes. Since their rise in popularity started in the early 80s, it was also another way to show off the cool big TV’s that stadiums were capable of affording!

Despite all of this the situation between the couple still got real ugly when cameras zoomed in!

14. Drama Begins

Image: YouTube/Atlanta Hawks

Our story begins at a March 2017 game between the Atlanta Hawks and the Brooklyn Nets. It was a pretty normal game and the kiss cam was looking around for the next unsuspecting couple to zoom in on. Everyone was looking excited and alive. Well, everyone except for ONE couple.

13. Kiss Cam Shy

Image: YouTube/Atlanta Hawks

You see, the couple that was caught on camera was on a date and the guy did not look amused at all. In fact, he looked pretty annoyed and seemed to be way more into his beer than the woman sitting next to him. Yikes!

12. Rejected

Image: YouTube/Atlanta Hawks

As soon as the girl realized that her and her man were on the kiss cam she turned to him for a big ol’ smooch. However, the guy completely ignored her. The camera caught him sipping on his drink and pretending like the situation wasn’t happening at all. The woman, having been rejected, quickly came up with a plan that would put her boyfriend to shame!

11. Quick Thinking

The woman tried and tried to get her man’s attention but he completely refused to acknowledge her. So she did what anyone would do in the situation. She turned her attention to the guy sitting next to her and hinted at getting a kiss and you won’t believe how the man sitting next to her responded!

10. Moment of Suspense

Image: The Sun

You see the woman wasn’t going to take a rejection that simply and instead of crying about it she decided to get the ultimate revenge. So when she looked over at the man sitting next to her and batted her lashes at him, everyone knew what was about to happen. So did the man comply?

9. Sweet Revenge

Image: YouTube/Atlanta Hawks

OH, you can bet he was down for the plan. The two looked right at each other and knew exactly what to do. They instantly planted a smooch on each other and the kiss cams were rolling to capture the entire moment as the boyfriend sulked in the corner. You’ll be shocked by how her boyfriend reacted to the situation!

8. Boyfriend’s Reaction

Image: USA Today

So, what did the woman’s boyfriend do after he saw her kissing another man? Did he kick and scream? Did he threaten to fight the guy? Did he pull her away back into his arms and beg for her forgiveness? Nope! You’ll be so disappointed in this man’s behavior when you find out what he actually did.

7. The Real Reaction


After the boyfriend saw the girl kissing the man next to her, he looked over at them with disgust. He then got up from his seat without saying a word to either to them. The crowd’s reaction was absolutely priceless!

6. Crowd Reaction

Image: YouTube/Atlanta Hawks

Everyone in the crowd was in hysterics over the incident. You could hear the entire stadium cracking up over the situation. In fact, the funniest reaction came from the three women who were seated right in front of them. You can tell that their expression range from horrified to highly amused. So how did the guy who got the kiss feel???

5. The Man’s Reaction


The man who got the kiss was pretty happy about the whole situation as you can clearly see by the happy look on his face. Unfortunately for the boyfriend, the situation was caught on camera and later uploaded to YouTube & you won’t believe what people had to say. The mixture of reactions will leave you feeling bewildered.

4. Forever On YouTube

Image: YouTube/Atlanta Hawks

The revenge clip is now on YouTube and was even uploaded onto the official Atlanta Hawks YouTube account. Can you believe having a moment like this forever captured on the Internet? The clip has since become a viral sensation with almost six million views. But can you believe that some people think that the moment was faked?

3. YouTube Comments

Image: YouTube/Atlanta Hawks

With so many people able to see the footage, reactions have been quite a mixture. Tons of YouTube commenter’s were as bold as to say that the entire situation was faked with “mediocre actors.” An account under the name Grand Champ wrote, “Seems horribly fake.” You won’t believe how the man’s Sprite bottle caused skeptics to question the entire situation! Find out in the next slide what Sprite has to do with this.

2. Sprite Campaign

Image: YouTube/Atlanta Hawks

Many skeptics in the comments began to theorize that the entire situation was an ad campaign for Sprite. Why? It seems that the man who got the big kiss was smoothly sipping from a Sprite bottle and just that was enough to bring out the conspiracy theorists. So was the situation faked?

1. Gray Area

Image: YouTube/Atlanta Hawks

We’ll never know just how real the situation was unless one of the three decides to fess up. However, what we do know is that everyone who has seen the footage will think twice now before rejecting their partner when a kiss cam is pointed their way.