We all know that trends come and go all the time, they are as unpredictable as the wind, often originate from unexpected places and can definitely get a little weird.

This all started as a one time joke but quickly evolved to something else entirely, with the power of the internet a little idea started to get traction and snowballed itself into a viral phenomenon among beauty bloggers and vloggers from various social media platforms.

4. Huh, where?

Source: @SophieHannawRichardson

Yup, in the nostrils! As you may have noticed (quite hard not to) in the above image the imaginative place chosen to have hair extensions inserted was the nose, this has left many people scratching their heads and asking “why?”.

3. Who would have such an idea?

Source: @gret_chen_chen

This time the trend starter was  @gret_chen_chen, an Instagram girl who apparently found it amusing to stick hair in her nose and post the outcome online. Quite bizzarre… but wait, there is more.

2. Now we know about the “who” but what about the “how”?

Source; @beautylook.pro

The procedure is quite simple, it involves cutting up a set of eyelashes into small pieces that are then glued to the inside of the nose. Adopters of the trend like to go overboard and attach them densely to achieve an extra bizarre look.

1. Yet another brief trend

Source: @miguelandholly

Will we see girls sporting this on the streets anytime soon? Not really (thank god!), it isn’t much of a practical trend, although it is guaranteed to give a good laugh or two in the meantime.