It’s surprising how random acts of kindness can cause a lasting positive impact in someone’s life. This was the case when a single mom of two, going trough hard times, had her family’s spirit lifted by two benevolent strangers. What they did may restore your hope in hummanity.

11. Earlier this year, Kyle Cass passed away





















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Samantha lost her husband, and their two children, Kollin and Keagan, were left fatherless. Nevertheless, Samantha was determined to celebrate the first Father’s Day without him around in a special way as to honor his memory. The way she did it was absolutely heartwarming.

10. Under her supervision, both kids wrote their dad a card. The cards were then tied to the balloons and sent away





















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Here you can see both kids actively engaging in the activity arranged by their mom, focused on their tasks wishing that the cards reach unimaginable heights.

9. Up, up and away…





















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The kids watched as the balloons flew away, hoping for them reach their destination in heaven. They, along with their mom, were completely oblivious to what would happen in the next few days.

8. A surprising turn of events

A couple in Ontario, Canada noticed the balloons after they landed in their back porch. They later did some research and found Kyle’s obituary online, which led to them finding Samantha on Facebook.

Upon finding Samantha, the couple immediately sent a compassionate message expressing their condolences.

7. However, it didn’t stop there.

A heartfelt message simply wasn’t enough for this couple, they wanted to help this family in any way they could.  And the next thing they did will prove just that.

6. Oh my, we’re in for a treat!

When the package arrived Samantha was overwhelmed with the couple’s kindness and headed to Facebook, there she proceeded to write about the wholesome experience in a deeply felt post.

5. The boy is filled with joy after realizing his “dad” sent him a response

His reaction was priceless, it was surely a moment to rejoice  for years to come

4. The girl was delighted too

The couple had put alot of effort in the selection of the toys, and the expression on the little girl’s face doesn’t lie… mission accomplished!

3. Even the dog was rewarded properly

The family dog, Buster, wasn’t left out. He managed to receive a hefty bag of dog food along with his favorite toy.

2. Samantha couldn’t believe what had just happened

Samantha was touched by this amazing couple and couldn’t believe how two complete strangers went above and beyond to brighten the her and her kid’s lives.

1. A happy ending

This act of kindness will likely be remembered by those kids for the rest of their lives simply because of the way it let them feel close to their father in heaven.