Ever had your food burnt or ruined when you’ve been looking forward to eating it? Well let me tell you, It can be a sad day when your food gets ruined or burnt… Mistakes happen when cooking, but some people just don’t belong in the kitchen. Here are 20 pictures of kitchen fails that will blow your mind. Enjoy!

The bread is under a curse. This is pretty disturbing.

So this girl made this cake for her daughters birthday. One of the kids ended up crying because it was so ugly. It’s ugly on the outside, but probably good tasting on the inside. Don’t judge a book by its cover kiddo!

Pressure cooker disaster. If you want a pressure cooker, you probably don’t anymore after seeing this.


I wouldn’t be able to eat that. Angry Birds 2.0


So one person forgot they were making caramel at work. Might be just a tad overcooked. Imagine your own food turning into lava.


The baker who made this lost something. How do you just accidentally bake your glasses into food? Makes no sense.


This looks like a monkey from your nightmares. Pretty scary. The poor monkey needs a tissue for its nose.


This is an effective and quick way to burn 1,500 calories in less than 30 minutes.


The girl is probably feeling hopeless… But this turned into the best night of his life for the cat.


I have never once in my life seen food as burnt as that. Is this what happy meals look like for an emo person?


Dang, that poor snowman.. Not only did he gain 30 pounds, but his arm became brown too.


How can someone create a kitchen mishap like this? Really… just how? This kitchen must be a dangerous place to visit.


Pancake goals? Maybe, maybe not. The pancake has President Trump’s hair so that makes it even funnier.


This could be one of the following: sushi for children, sushi for college students, or sushi for a broke man… This messed up sushi can cater to all different stages of life.


When you think a plastic dish is glass so you put it in the oven… Don’t try this at home.


“Let’s take a picture before we put out the fire.”


Dang, that looked like it would of been good. Quick way to ruin your night. I can’t believe some people have stuff like this happen to them in a kitchen.


A spinach baby… Looks like a Smurf that went wrong. Also looks like a monster that you wouldn’t want to mess with.


This guy’s roommate tried to make pasta. If I were him, I would be double checking to make sure my smoke alarm works. Who knows what else he’ll do in the kitchen.


A reddit user submitted this with the title, “I got a bread maker for Christmas. This is how my first loaf came out.”

Kind of looks like a litter box….