Can you imagine tearing down a wall in your house and discovering an unparalleled world? Well, that’s exactly what happened to one man. As he was renovating his house, he came across something that blew his mind. You won’t believe what this man managed to discover hiding in his house…

20. Home Renovations


Back in 1963, a man living in the Nevşehir Province of Turkey decided that his home was in need of some renovating. He wanted to extend his house and so he began to start the renovation process. However, he had no idea the secrets that were soon awaiting him…

19. Knocking Down

Image: Trover

In order to extend his home, the man knew that he would have to knock down one of his home’s walls. So the man began to dig out a part of the stone in his home to start making room for it to be torn down. However, he soon noticed something strange…

18. A Space


As the man began to dig through the stone, he came across an odd discovery. There seemed to be an unexpected space right behind the wall. The man had no idea that there would already be a space there.

17. Looking In


The man quickly stepped in to see what the space was all about. He soon realized that there was more than three hundred thousand square feet of space. He had no idea that he had just discovered one of the largest underground cities in the world.

16. Turkey’s Center

Image: Daily Mail

Located right in the center of Turkey in the region best known as “Cappadocia,” this underground city is located in the modern town of Derinkuyu. The man was completely shocked by his discovery, as he had no idea what was lurking beyond his walls. He knew he had to tell people about his discovery…

15. Harsh Climates

Image: Daily Mail

Surprisingly enough, the man’s discovery isn’t as strange as you would think. For centuries, humans living in particularly harsh climates have been known to live underground. This is particularly helpful if you live in a very hot and sunny area.

14. Investigations


As soon as the man notified people of his discovery, archaeologists wanted to investigate the underground city. Soon enough, it became an area that would become explored by those looking to better understand the underground dwellings of ancient people.

13. Cappadocia


Cappadocia has already been known for having a variety of underground dwellings. However, the man had no idea that he was living right on top of one. It seems that this particular underground city had been hidden for centuries.

12. Elaborate


Archaeologists soon discovered an extensive and elaborate system of underground entrances, ventilation shafts, wells, and connecting passageways. They were blown away by how intricate the city was and how greatly planned it was. It was a mind-blowing discovery…

11. Dozens

Image: Daily Mail

Cappadocia has over two hundred known underground “cities” of various sizes. However, what makes this one unique is just how deep underground it went. Archaeologists were shocked by how deep into the ground this ancient city went.

10. Deepest


Although Derinkuyu isn’t the absolute largest or oldest underground city, it is by far the deepest one. The city goes 18 stories deep into the ground. Everyone was amazed that the ancient people who built the city were able to craft something so masterfully.

9. Phrygian People


After investigating and exploring the underground city, archaeologists have come up with some theories about the origin of the city. Many believe that the underground cave is the work of the Phrygian people (one of the many “sea peoples” that invaded the Aegean and Turkish area). This all would have occurred between the 7th and 8th centuries B.C.

8. Other Theories


Many ancient texts from the area mention the Phrygian people and that is why this theory has held up. However, there are other researchers who do not agree with this theory. In fact, there are others who believe that the subterranean city is actually much older.

7. Hittite Period


Some archaeologists actually believe that the cave was created during the Hittite period. This would mean that they were crafted five hundred years before the Phrygian people ever showed up. However, regardless of who built the caves, they are something to marvel at.

6. Intelligent People


Whoever it was that built these vast underground cities, they had to have been highly intelligent. The caves were built in a fashion to support each story and they were also highly functional. In fact, archaeologists were shocked by how well they would have supported life.

5. Supporting Life

Image: Daily Mail

The underground city had access to fresh flowing water as the wells inside were not connected to the surface. This also prevented any of their water supplies from getting poisoned by enemies or natural disasters. There were also individual rooms and communal areas.

4. Defense


So what would be the reasoning behind building such a crafty underground city? Well, many researchers believe that the biggest reason could have been safety. An underground city is a great defensive strategy.

3. Weather Conditions

Image: Daily Mail

Another reason would of course be defense against unexpected weather patterns. Underground dwellings would prevent you from being a victim of harsh heat, rain, or snow. This underground cave truly speaks of the intelligence of the ancient people.

2. Security


Security was also essential to the people who built these underground cities. The entrances into the city were built in high places and hidden quite well. They also created tunnels and stairwells that could only fit one person at a time.

1. Amazing Discovery


The discovery of this underground city is one that is incredibly important to understanding the way ancient people lived. Through one Turkish man’s accidental discovery. researchers have been able to see into a world that they never knew existed.

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