Dating can be pretty difficult to master, after all there’s just so many ways that things can go wrong! However, there are a few easy steps that you can take to make your dream girl fall absolutely in love with you. If you follow through with these 15 tips you’ll become the best boyfriend she’s ever had. A recent Askreddit revealed the 15 best tips that will win over your sweetie’s heart and keep both of you happy forever.

15. Keep The Surprises Coming


The worst thing that can happen to a relationship is a predictable and boring routine. One of the best ways to keep your love interested is to constantly keep them on their toes! Many reddit users agreed that romantic surprises like buying your sweetie a cup of coffee without them asking will keep the spark alive between the two of you!

Next, you can keep your sweetie happy just be being around!

14. Keep Her Warm


There’s an ongoing joke online that girlfriend’s are always cold – which is why they love to steal your sweaters! However, just by using your body you can make your girlfriend the happiest girl in the world. Some reddit users revealed their best tips: “On cold mornings when he goes to work early he fills a hot water bottle and puts it in bed with me to keep me warm,” reddit user H3rta wrote.

13. Meaningful Gifts


Gift giving can be pretty tricky, especially if you’re not sure what to get your girlfriend. However, one of the best gifts that you can give is something that is meaningful to her. One reddit user described a scenario where she had wanted to purchase a pair of shoes at a shoe store when she was hanging out with her boyfriend, but the store was unfortunately closed. The next week, she came home after a stressful day at work and saw the boots waiting for her at the house. Her boyfriend had gotten them for her because he knew how much it would mean to her!

12. Rescue Her If She Needs It


There’s nothing more romantic than a man who comes to a woman’s rescue when and if she needs it. It’s one of the most perfect ways to show her you care! “When I got totally trashed downtown one night hanging out with my friends, I called him to come get me, and he cycled to pick me up so I wouldn’t have to leave my car downtown overnight. Not only that, but when he arrived I was too drunk to direct him to the correct spot so he used some sort of magical echolocation involving a siren to find me and my car,” reddit user HotPotatoTime revealed.

11. Ask About Traditions


Does your girlfriend have any special holiday traditions that she follows through on? Why don’t you ask her about them? Find out what these traditions are and go out of your way to show her that you care enough to incorporate them into your lives. This will show your dedication and love to her right away.

Next, make sure that you’re always there through health AND sickness.

10. Help Out When She’s Not Well


“About two years ago, I had to have a spontaneous foot surgery (long story) and he took a week off of work to spend with me while my parents went on the Las Vegas trip that they had booked a year prior and was non refundable. Also helped me take care of the new puppy we got right before my surgery. Then we went to Kings Island a few months later when I could walk again and he would sit with me when I couldn’t stand in a two hour line for a ride and our friends wanted to go. I’m marrying him this Saturday!!!!” reddit user nicolemariesnapp wrote.

9. Open Up


One of the most attractive things you could be is transparent with your partner. Talk to her about your feelings and anything that is bothering you. However, also open up about your favorite hobbies, the things that make you smile and everything in between. There is nothing better than a partner that you can confide in completely.

8. Fix Any Fights You Have


“He was staying the week at my place, and would just hangout while I went to school. I was pretty stressed out that week and one morning we got into a disagreement that I had to leave in the middle of so I wasn’t late. Cue a terrible day. But, when I came home, I saw he had completely cleaned my room, organized my makeup, vacuumed, and even did me and my roommate’s dishes and took out our trash. Gave me a big hug and apologized, said he knew I was stressed, that he wasn’t making it easier on me, and that he knew my messy room had been weighing on me so the least he could do was take care of that. I love him,” reddit user gm7794 revealed.

7. Comfort Her


Is your girlfriend having a rough day? There’s no better time for you to comfort her and be supportive. “My husband is the only person I don’t run and try to hide my panic attacks from. He helps ground me by squeezing me or reminding me that “everything is going to be ok,” reddit user CaptainWigglezz revealed.

Next, never underestimate how important it is to set aside time to plan a romantic date.

6. Plan Romantic Times


There’s nothing more romantic than a man who plans sweet moments ahead of time. If you’ve ever wanted your girlfriend to fall head over heels for you then this is one of the most important tips to remember! “Had a difficult day, tired from 12 hours on my feet and ready to burst. Came back to a hot bath filled with lavender scented bath salt, candles all around the bathroom, a cold beer waiting for me next to it all, plus a bunch of flowers and my favorite candy bar. Almost burst into tears,” Chilledcashew wrote.

5. Cook Her Dinner


They say that the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but the same could be said of a woman. There’s nothing like the aroma of some delicious home cooked food to bring about the feeling of love. Find out your girlfriend’s favorite meal and do your best to recreate it at home! We can bet that she’ll love it – even if it doesn’t taste too good.

4. Be Patient With Her


“Usually if I’m grumpy or upset, he goes into position for attack, then scoops me up and throws me over his shoulder like a freaking s*** of potatoes. Then, he pretend-bodyslams me into the bed or couch and pins me down so I have to try to break free. We both do a lot of stupid, gross, cute c***, but this is my favorite by far. Cheers me up instantly,” wounded_knife wrote.

3. Make Her Feel Safe


No one wants to feel like their battling the world all on the own. One of the best tips that we can give you is to always make your girlfriend feel like she is safe when she’s around you. You can do this in a variety of ways, but one of the best ways is to do sweet actions that impact her in a positive way such as picking her up from work when she works late.

2. Remind Her That She’s Loved


“First year of marriage hubby had to take a work trip. That first night after I got home from work (he left after I had left for work) I found he had left little noted hidden in random places around the apartment. They each had a different phrase on it. Some were funny, some were sweet. It was a super cute gesture from a guy who is not normally a romantic type,” RawrDinosaurGrr wrote.

1. Make Her Dreams Come True


Finally, one of the best things that you can do is make all of her dreams come true. Has she always wanted to have a picnic on the beach? Make it happen! Find out what her biggest fantasy and dream is and bring it to reality. She’ll never forget a moment like that for as long as she’ll live.

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