First love is usually exactly that: first love, but not a lifelong relationship. However, when two teens fell in love and then reconnected years later, they were shocked to see how a simple photograph struck a chord with romantics around the world.

15. Looking for Friends


Dan Hennessey is from Edison, New Jersey. At just 18 years old, Dan had already completed two years at Montclair State in exercise science. But he had a problem. He was hopelessly lonely. Dan did what many other people do when they need to find new friends: he started a Facebook page.

14. A Young Lady Who Stood Out

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Dan sent friend requests to some girls who lived near him. One young woman who received a request was Wendy Joseph, 17. Wendy was still in high school in South Orange. Since Dan also sent a request to her friend Daphne, Wendy was suspicious of his motives.

13. An Invitation

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However, after Dan continued to try to chat with her, Wendy eventually had a conversation with him. They soon discovered they had some things in common. He invited Wendy to a party and she accepted. This would normally be great, but there was a major problem.

12. Fast Friends

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Dan didn’t actually have a party planned. Stunned into action, Dan asked his friends to help him throw a party that would impress the girl he hoped to date. In short time they planned a party. Wendy arrived and had no idea that it was hastily thrown together.

11. Great Chemistry

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Wendy and Dan had great chemistry with lots of shared interests. But Wendy was still in high school and they decided it wasn’t the right time to date. THe two became great friends and kept hanging out for over a year. Secretly, they both wanted more.

10. Falling in Love and Breaking Up

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Although they intended to stay “just friends,” the two teens fell in love. After dating for several years, they finally broke up. Wendy initiated the breakup because she needed to find out who she was as a young woman. Dan agreed that it was the right move.

9. Thriving on Her Own

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Wendy thrived on her own. Her YouTube channel featured beauty and hair tutorials and it became a popular destination. She also gained traction on Instagram. Wendy made good money on her YouTube channel, but she wanted something more than YouTube stardom.

8. Master’s Degree By 25

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Wendy saved the money she made from YouTube and pursued her Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Once Wendy had graduated by age 25, she felt ready to start thinking more seriously about her personal life. She contacted Dan and he was thrilled to rekindle their romance.

7. Reunited

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Not long after their 10-year anniversary, Wendy posted a photograph of the two of them in 2007 versus 2017. “I used to wear my hair stuck to my face every day and Dan used to shave every week! Now we just take serious swimsuit pictures in different countries.”

6. Transformation

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The couple didn’t expect the photo to go viral, but people were fascinated by their transformation. Many commenters thought they both looked younger now than they did in 2007. Both were exercise fanatics who ate healthy, and it showed.

5. A Surprise Trip

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On a trip to Paris in 2016, Dan went down on one knee and shocked her with a marriage proposal. Wendy wasn’t expecting the proposal, but she immediately said yes. The two then gained more social media mojo, sharing travel dreams all around the world.

4. Fitness Forward

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The two maintain social media accounts focusing on fitness. They update their fans about their travels, which include trips to Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, and Thailand. WEndy’s YouTube Channel has over 100,000 followers, and Dan has a popular Instagram account.

3. Inspiring Other People

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They began their joint Instagram account shortly after their engagement in 2016. Fans can find workouts, inspirational quotes, diet advice and recipes, and much more. Their followers find them very inspiring.

2. The Rest of Their Lives

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Wendy and Dan are committed to their fitness and it shows. They post workout routines even while they are on vacation. The couple moved to San Diego to enjoy the perfect weather while they travel and prepare for the rest of their lives.

1. Big Plans

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They have big plans for the future. They launched a website with the goal of helping people transform their lives through fitness and food, just like they did. All of this was possible because Wendy and Dan were mature enough to let each other grow while they grew up.