We all have those photos hidden somewhere in our house so that no one is allowed to see. They show how awkward and unfashionable we were growing up, and we’d die if anyone got their hands on them. Here are 25 childhood photos that were unearthed at the expense of the subject in the picture.

Styling and Profiling

Friday night at the mall always looked something like this.


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The hair, the pants, the shirt…amazing.




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That hairstyle must take ages to accomplish.

Orange Lover

I bet you can't guess his favorite color.

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This guy is easy to buy gifts for.

Emotional Vampire

He was a into vampires long before "Twilight" became a thing.


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Edward Cullen is that you?


This kid's a straight-up baller. Just look a that pocket watch and Aeropostale jacket.


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Ladies, this guy is ready for you.

Curly and Straight

Riff Raff...is that you?

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This kind of hairdo takes serious skill to nail.

Creepy Clown

He was wayyy ahead of the 2016 killer clown trend.


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The original killer clown.

Occupation Day

They say you should dress for the job you want.

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I hope this was to show what he wanted to do as a career and not just an every day outfit.


Dude, you should have listened to your shirt.


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The shirt says it all.

Boy Band

mystic groovers

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Ever heard of these guys?

Hot Topic Haul

We all knew that kid who spent a little too much time in Hot Topic.

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There was always one kid in school who dressed like this.

The Skunk

Business in the front, peacock in the back.

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This is just unfortunate in every way.


In his yearbook photo, this stud wanted to let all the ladies know he was single and on the prowl.

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Was he actually directed to pose like this?


This caped crusader isn't even old enough to be out after dark.

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Homemade Halloween costumes are the best.

Squad Goals


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Has your squad ever looked this fresh?

Hip Hair

Image result for embarrassing childhood photos


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Business in the front, a party in the back.


When My Daughter Asks Why She Can't Wear Things She Thinks Are "Cool", I Show Her This Photo From My Freshmen Year In Highschool


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Who do you think was his inspiration?

Future Arsonist

My Husbands 2003 Homecoming Photo


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Watch out, this person likes fire.

Ladies Man

Well that's one way to get all the ladies.

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All of his friends were so jealous the next day.


I Can't Believe I Used To Rock This Look The Majority Of The Time


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The frills really make the outfit.

School Dress Up

Matrix Inspired Outfit I Wore To School In 2008


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The Matrix-inspired with a hint of mom’s closet.

No Smiling

Too Cool To Smile. 8th Grade


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I’d be mad about that hairstyle, too.

Head Shots

My Mom's Boyfriend In Eighth Grade, Sporting A Mullet/Bowl Cut


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This bowl cut/mullet combo is a work of art.

Light Up Pants

Liar, liar pants on fire!

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Those pants are fire.