Couples usually prepare to start their families and one of the most important discussions is how many kids should they have. But a fresh couple from Odessa, Texas pictured their family with two little furry babies. They wanted a couple of pets around and after the couple adopted their husky pup, they took her to the shelter to choose her own furry friend.

You won’t believe who the pup chose as her new best friend! We’ve gathered a few adorable photos that will intoxicate you with cuteness!

20. Having ‘the Talk’

Most fresh couples have their ‘talk’ about their future. Christina and Vincent had the same dream: to adopt a puppy and see it growing next to them. But soon there would be one more furry baby in their family photo…

19. Raven Found a Best Friend

Christina took Raven, their female Tamaskan husky pup, to the shelter in Lubbock, Texas, where the little pooch would make her choice. Christina knew that Raven had to pick his own friend. So she chose wisely…

18. Choosing a Kitty is Difficult

The couple has dreamed of having a pup and a kitten that would grow up together and become best friends. After getting Raven, they took her to choose a sibling… Raven was introduced to a few kittens, but she didn’t bond with any of them…

17. This Is Woodhouse!

Raven didn’t seem to like some kittens and others didn’t like being around her, but as soon as the shelter staff brought Woodhouse, a little ball of fur, it was love at first sight! You won’t believe how many photos they have together. Here’s how their friendship started…

16. Meeting the Cat

This is what Christina said about taking her lovely pooch to the shelter: ‘I wanted her to actually meet the cat and have the cat get along with the dog as well.’ And it all worked like a charm…

15. Signing the Papers

Once the papers for adoption were signed, Woodhouse and Raven would officially become siblings. They returned home and this is how their story started melting everyone’s hearts… Prepare to die of so much cuteness!

14. They Are Inseparable

Youtube Raven and Woodhouse

Every minute of the day, Raven and Woodhouse were cuddling and playing in the house. Both Christina and Vincent were happy to see them romp around. Then she started noticing their bond… and taking some adorable pictures! Click to see them!

13. Getting in Trouble

Of course, like any other baby, these cute balls of fur would get in trouble. And looking at them after they’ve been mischievous is a treat. Who would punish these goofballs? They became an internet sensation!

12. Famous on Instagram

Seeing how cute they are together, Christina started sharing her photos with Raven and Woodhouse on Instagram. They’ve gone viral and people are crazy about them. You won’t believe how many followers they have!

11. Tons of Cuteness

So far, the Instagram page – raven_and_woodhouse – has gathered over 93.000 followers that adore the furry friends. There are over 1.300 photos and videos that show how awesome life with pets is. This is what Christina said about it…

10. Following Your Life Goals

‘I had always wanted a dog and a cat to grow up together. It’s been like a life goal’. Seeing Raven and Woodhouse’s friendship melt our hearts. That’s an awesome life goal, Christina! Let’s see how the fur balls travel by car…

9. Car Rides Are Awesome!

Not many animals like to go on car rides, especially the cats. But Raven and Woodhouse adore car trips. They get to ride on the back seat on a blanket and end up snuggling for the rest of the journey.

8. Enjoying Car Rides

Christina is so lucky to have her pets with her even on car rides. Woodhouse is always up for a snuggle session and Raven will do what any happy dog does: she keeps her head outside the window to say hi to everyone in the neighborhood!

7. The One!

Woodhouse is certainly that one cat, chosen to be Raven’s partner in crime and watching them grow together is amazing. Here’s how they look today when they’re adults. What has Christina said about her furry babies?

6. Meant to Be

Woodhouse and Raven were meant to be together and there’s no doubt about it! ‘They are perfect with each other. They don’t cuddle as much as they used to when they were a puppy and kitten,’ said Christina. But they do this…

5. Always Together

‘They’re still always together, always playing together.’ The cat loves to chase Raven around the house: ‘they like to play tag’, said their mommy. And when they do it, it’s so entertaining. They even have videos and fans on YouTube.

4. Snuggles and Celebrations

Among the most recent photos, Raven and Woodhouse have celebrated St. Patrick’s day snuggling in front of the camera. These two babies are the cutest friends ever!

3. Inseparable

Even though they don’t cuddle as much as they did when they were babies, they are still an inseparable pair of fluffs that make Christine’s and Vincent’s life a lot brighter. And we’re happy they’re sharing the awesomeness with everyone.

2. YouTube Stars

Although they only have a couple hundred subscribers on YouTube, Raven and Woodhouse have gathered thousands of views on their cute videos. Their story is also there, melting everyone’s hearts.

1. Best Buddies

It’s so great to see cats and dogs getting along and sharing a beautiful friendship! They’re both gentle and caring and there couldn’t be anything more adorable than this!