You may think that your pet is a little angel, but wait until you get out of sight. That’s when your cuddly pet shows its true colors. Pets, especially cats, are prone to doing some naughty, sometimes disgusting things. Some are outright hilarious and some will make you super annoyed.

16. Caught in the Act

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Your four-legged companion will leave a crime scene in every room if he thinks that no one is watching and that they will get away with it. Imagine a pet giving you a “wasn’t me” expression after engaging in some epic naughtiness. Mutually has prepared a list of the funniest moments a pet was captured being naughty just like this. Take a look.

15. The Underwear Embarrassment

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You forgot to close your underwear drawer but your cat has other ideas.  Just when your friends have honored the drinks invitation you have been nagging them about, the cat goes to the drawers. Out he comes with your most private lingerie…at first you are so embarrassed, and then your friends crack a joke about it. You all burst out laughing. Naughty cat!

14. The Thumbtack Thief

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Is this feline trying to kill me? I was finding thumb tacks in my shoes and papers from my office notice board strewn all over. At first I thought burglars….but not even the most stupid burglar is this messy. And then I caught the cat in the act! Needless to say that I’ll be locking my office going forward.

13. The Pancake Thief

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You have prepared some very nice pancakes, and you are probably thinking you have enough breakfast for the whole of week. But the cat’s appetite get the better of her and the moment you look the other way, she takes her share of pancakes.

12. Your Breakfast is Mine

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You’re planning to have your breakfast but your naughty cat has other ideas. “I want my breakfast too” she meows. Well, look the other way and your muffin suddenly disappears. Your naughty feline will have their breakfast after all. Ha-ha.

11. Stop Littering!

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One of the funniest moments in a pet owner’s life is when he busts the pet doing something naughty. You have repeatedly told your dog that littering the house is not allowed. However, it keeps littering and acting innocent when you get angry. But not this time. You caught it red handed and it almost looks embarrassed…almost.

10. Something’s Fishy

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They just caught their biggest fish yet but the cat thinks, “it’s time for lunch.” The fisherman will be furious after they discover their lunch has been munched away. Bad cat!

9. Cat Almost Got Your Food

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Who said animals aren’t clever? These felines constructed a ladder to reach for the food until they were caught in the act. They were one cat shy of tearing into a bag of Friskies. One wonders what they were planning to do next…were they going to set a dinner table?

8. The Seat Chewer

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Your favorite seat has been ruined by your favorite pet and you don’t know whether to admonish the dog or laugh. The dog is stuck…do you help it or let it stay there for little while longer? Maybe it ought to learn a lesson…

7. That’s My Purse

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This dog has a very suspicious face. Could it be he was thinking of chewing on this expensive designer handbag? How dare you accuse him of such an act! Maybe she left some beef jerky in there and he’s just “helping” clean it up. Sure.

6. Cat Steals Cinnamon Rolls

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So what would do you want to do with these cinnamon rolls? These are definitely not part of your diet. What are you up to? She knows she shouldn’t steal them, just look at her face! This next picture is probably a sight many cat owners are familiar with…

5. The Seamstress

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You are watching TV when you hear the sound of something ripping. You turn to look and capture your adoring cat shredding up the couch. The cat doesn’t even seem ashamed, and even looks a little pleased with himself.

4. Not Allowed on the Bed

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I have a German Shepherd who can be naughty. Yesterday I caught him on my bed and since he knows he is not allowed on it, he rolled off and then tried to act casual about it. I could not help but burst out laughing…how stupid do I look to my dog?

3. Sausage Thief

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So now I know who has been stealing my sausages. Do you know how expensive it is to buy both cat food and those sausages. Bring back those ones…they are mine, you little thief.” The look on this cat’s face is scary…

2. Hey, That’s Not Food

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Seriously? You should have asked me to help you apply it. Maybe she’s born with it…maybe it’s the Maybelline she ate. 

1. The Paper Chase

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For the last few days, I have missed my morning paper. I set out to understand whether it was being delivered or if someone was stealing it from me. I have followed this guy for three blocks and he doesn’t seemed unfazed that he has stolen my paper. Perhaps he’s got some ruthless backers…

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