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Awesome Stuff That People Left In Their Abandoned Luggage

Awesome Stuff That People Left In Their Abandoned Luggage
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Losing something just because you weren’t paying attention can ruin your entire week, especially if what you lost is important to you. There are some people who lost things so precious that you couldn’t even imagine how it is possible to forget about them. You would be amazed to find out how many important items are being left in abandoned luggage every day.

These following pictures are going to show you that some people can get so tired while traveling that they forget really important stuff such as diamonds, Egyptian artifacts and even movie props! Get ready because these following items that were left in abandoned luggage will blow you away.

Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

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Back in the 1980s, somebody lost a Gucci bag that was filled with a bunch of Egyptian Ancient artifacts that date back to somewhere around 1500 BC. What’s interesting though is that no one ever came to claim them.

40.95-Karat Emerald

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I bet you’d get mad if you lost $20 on the street but can you imagine how mad you would get if you lost a $25,000 diamond?

Antique Violin

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This beautiful violin is a piece of art and it’s dated back to the 1770s. How can someone lose something like this and never go looking for it?

Hoggle from Labyrinth

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Remember the awesome David Bowie movie called Labyrinth? Well, someone managed to forget their luggage which contained the original prop for Hoggle.

5.8-Karat Diamond

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As you can clearly see, losing diamonds is not that rare. This diamond was auctioned for the sum of $23,000.


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One of the weirdest lost luggage ever found has to be this suitcase containing 300 tortoises. Fortunately, these little animals were okay and nothing bad happened to them.

Bountiful Barbie

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While losing a Barbie doll doesn’t sound like such a bad thing, it actually is when considering that this special doll had $500 stuffed in it.

$1 Million Dollars

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Losing a million dollars sounds like a bad movie plot, right? Well, this actually happened in Australia.

Suit of Armor

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The question that I can’t stop from asking is how did the man who lost this armor manage to get through the metal detectors?

Diamond & Platinum Ring

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This really expensive diamond and platinum ring was found stuffed in a sock in an abandoned luggage.

13th Century Bronze Plaque

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This antique bronze plaque is originated from Nigeria and it was used in order to pay tribute to the king.

Space-Shuttle Camera

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It’s hard to wrap your mind around this but yes, an object that was in outer space got lost in a luggage! Fortunately, the Unclaimed Baggage Center mailed it straight to NASA.

Naval Guidance System

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Can you imagine in how much trouble the Naval Officer who lost a $250,000 guidance system got? Good thing the Unclaimed Baggage Center came through once again and shipped it to the Navy.

Apostles Spoons

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These special spoons were made from silver and they were given as gifts from Godfathers to babies. Another cool thing about these spoons is that they date back to the 16th century.

Missile Guidance System

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Did you think that only Naval Officers make mistakes? Well, that’s not the case since an Air Force Officer managed to lose a missile guidance system. Fortunately, the system found its way to the Air Force in the end.

Remote Controlled 8′ Model Airplane

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Are you wondering how can someone lose such a big item while traveling? That’s only possible because the remote plane wasn’t assembled.

Chinese Scales

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As their name implies, these scales were used in ancient China in order to measure expensive materials. They are considered as being highly desirable artifacts and how someone managed to lose them is hard to understand.

A Coffin

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Yes, someone was so clumsy that they forgot to pick up their coffin from the airplane. On the bright side though, at least it was empty.

Engraved Tombstone

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The previous slide showed us that someone lost a coffin but this one is even better! Someone actually managed to lose an engraved tombstone that had a picture, name and date on it.

Rhino Beetles

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Rhino Beetles are some of the rarest bugs on this planet and they are really sought after by collectors. Well, as you can probably tell, somebody lost one in an airplane. That person was lucky enough to have it sent to his address by one of the airplane’s staff.

Traditional Chinese Dragon Kite

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Original Chinese Traditional Kites are really hard to make and they are considered to be quite valuable. They are made from raw silk and it takes somewhere around two months to create one. 

Washing Machine

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Okay, I understand how someone might loose something that’s small in size but a washing machine? How does that even happen?

Tibetan 10′ Dung Chen


Media Source

This huge horn is used by Tibetan monks to play songs and create sounds that are similar to elephants. One of them got lost in an airport.

Canadian Goose

Media Source

The goose wasn’t alive and it was stuffed instead. Somebody lost it and the airport officials decided to send it to a stuffed animal museum.

$360,000 Bracelet

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A woman lost a $360,000 diamond bracelet in the JFK airport and she hasn’t been able to find it ever since. The bracelet is probably long gone by now.


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