Money does, in fact, make the world go round and everybody is pursuing them. Money is so important in our society that you are considered successful only when you get rich. The question that remains is what do you do once you finally manage to get rich and earn all the money you’ve ever wanted?

There are some people who actually managed to make more money than they can spend and this is where extravagant purchases come in. Just to give an example of how really rich people spend their money on useless things you should note that Beyonce once paid $100,000 on a pair of gold plated leggings. This sounds like something that only crazy people would do, especially when most of us don’t even have $1,000 in our pockets. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some outrageous purchases that rich people have made.

Bono probably didn’t hear the saying “clothes don’t make the man” because he really cares about his clothing items. The U2 lead singer once reserved a first class seat on an airplane for his hat. Great job Bono, now that’s a nice way of wasting money.

Do you want to see what $100,000 looks like? Just take a look at Beyonce’s gold plated clothes.

Flava Flav is an old rapper that’s no longer popular but this doesn’t mean that his money is running out because he bought a life size statue of O.J. Simpson.

The man we’re seeing in this picture is the Sultan of Brunei and it seems like he really cares about the way he looks because he paid $2,300 for that haircut.

Even though Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, he usually abstains from maxing extravagant purchases. However, one time he couldn’t resist and paid $30 million for Da Vinci’s Codex.

This golden rucksack was created by the Billionaire Boys Club in 2009 and it can be purchased for the price of $1,650 and to our surprise it’s one of the best selling items that this company made.


Money is never a problem for the King of Saudi Arabia, especially since he is able to afford a $3 million dress for his daughter’s wedding and a gold plated toilet.

Mike Tyson is the fiercest boxer who ever lived, but did you know he was also a big spender? He once paid $150,000 for a pet white Bengal tiger.

Lady Gaga is not your ordinary celebrity and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone to know that she bought a $50,000 ghost detection machine! With that amount of money, I would’ve just hired some Ghost Busters.

Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates ordered his people to dig his name deep in the ground that it can be seen from the moon. Now that’s what I call extravaganza!

Just Bieber made it clear to the world how much he loves “Family Guy” when he bought a $25,000 diamond plated Stewie chain.

Rich people must really love Elvis Presley memorabilia because someone once paid $115,000 for one lock of the famous singer’s hair.

DeShawn Stevenson is an NBA Star who got tired of always looking for ATMs around the city and decided to build one right in his kitchen. I think the simpler option would’ve been to just carry more cash around.

Do you know that awesome feeling you get when you pay for a round of shots at the bar? Well, multiply that feeling by 250,000 in order to get an idea how Jay Z feels when he pays for his friends’ drinks because that’s exactly how much money he spent on champagne in one night.

Back in 1993 Kim Basinger decided to spend $20 million and buy a town! Yes, she really did that. The town is called Braselton and her idea was to turn it into an amusement park. Well, things didn’t work out and Kim Basinger was forced to sell the town for $1 million.

Some people love to wear jewelry on their wrists but not Saudi Prince Alwaleed. The Saudi Prince decided that the best way to flaunt his money was to purchase a Mercedes-Benz and cover it in diamonds.

Love makes you go crazy and this is what happened with Ben Affleck when he bought a $105,000 toilet seat for Jennifer Lopez. The toilet seat was encrusted with gold, diamonds and sapphires!

Lam Sai-Wing decided to create the world’s most luxurious bathroom back in 2001 and he covered everything in 25 karat gold! Including toothbrushes and even the toilet paper holders. The room was estimated to value somewhere around $3.5 million.

Nicolas Cage is no stranger to impulsive and expensive purchases because he once bought an octopus and two king cobras for the price of $275,000.

Rihanna loves to change her hairstyle almost every week. All those trips to the stylist amount to $1 million per year.

Mike Tyson appears once again on our list but the difference is that this time he didn’t buy another white Bengal tiger and he decided to go with something a little bit more expensive and by that I mean a $2 million gold bathtub!

What you’re seeing in this picture is a Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication Watch and this is the most complicated watch in the world. The reason why this watch is on our list is because an anonymous buyer paid $25 million for it back in 2014.

It’s hard to decide what to buy to someone as a wedding gift, but this isn’t a problem for Kanye West. The prolific rapper decided to purchase 10 European Burger Kings as a wedding present for his wife Kim Kardashian.

Rappers like to wear diamond and gold plated grills so that everyone knows how much money they got. Well, if this was a competition then Lil Wayne would win it because he spent $200,000 on a teeth grill!

Donald Trump is the first and last US President who would prefer to fly with his own jet than Air Force One. Donald Trump’s private jet is gold plated and it features everything that you could ever wish for starting with TVs and ending with a personal chef.