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20 Pictures Of Things People Born After The Year 2000 Will Never Understand

20 Pictures Of Things People Born After The Year 2000 Will Never Understand

Teenagers nowadays will never understand the struggles that people who grew up in the 90s had to go through. The internet was still in its infancy and people needed to wait for their parents to get off the phone before they could connect to it. This sounds crazy, right? You won’t believe how boring life used to be before Netflix was around. Check out the following photos, #14 and #9 are our favorites!

20. Blockbuster

Renting movies and TV shows was an entire experience by its own back in the day. People needed to walk to their local Blockbuster store and then hope that their favorite movie is not rented out by someone else. Talking about entertainment, you will be shocked to find out which was the most popular game.

19. Solitaire

The internet wasn’t always available and the only thing that people could do in order to pass free time was to play some Solitaire. This made Solitaire the most popular game before the 2000s rolled around.

18. No Storage Space

Smartphones didn’t exist back then and storage space was scarce. In fact, people who loved to text with their friends would always be forced to delete old messages to make room for new ones. Now, this was a tough decision to make!

17. Music Library

Nowadays, people can search for their favorite song in a matter of seconds. Those who grew up in the 90s had to carry physical musical libraries around. If this sounds like a huge inconvenience, then you aren’t ready for what’s coming next.

16. Rolling the Windows Down

Who needs to pay a gym subscription when they can work out their upper body by winding down the car window instead. Electric windows were still a luxury back in the 90s and nearly everyone burned some calories by rolling down windows. The upcoming picture will show us why Nokia smartphones were so popular.

15. Snake

Nokia 3210’s Snake game used to be just like Candy Crush. Everyone was playing it and people were comparing their high scores. Talking about Nokia smartphones, you won’t believe how people used to create their own ringtones.

14. Personal Ringtones

Like it or not, the only way to get a cool ringtone was to create it yourself. Everyone felt like a musician when composing ringtones on the famous Nokia 3200.

13. VHS Tapes

Setting up a movie was an experience on its own. People needed to roll back the VHS tape to the start of the movie. Although, it did make watching movies a bit cooler because you felt like a director.

12. Butterfly Barrettes

Fashion comes and goes. Different styles fall out of trend in just a couple of months, but the butterfly barrettes were around for a couple of years. These were in every teenager’s hair and they made them feel so cool. Sadly, no one wears them anymore.

11. No Smartphones

Life before Android and iOS smartphones was hard! People needed to carry these two devices if they wanted to listen to music and receive phone calls at the same time, there was no in between. Although, there was something cool about these devices. Check out the next picture to see what I am talking about.

10. Battery Life

While today’s smartphones are filled with cool features and apps, their battery life can’t be compared to what Nokia phones offered. These devices were renowned for having batteries that lasted for weeks on end, if not months.

9. Untangling Tapes

Kids today will never know the struggle of having to untangle tapes with a pencil. It was really hard to search for your favorite song…

8. Tamagotchi

Now, this kid really loved Tamagotchi. This used to be an awesome game where people got Pokemons. The most annoying thing about this game is that the Pokemon needed to be fed and players needed to always pay attention to the screen so that their Pokemon didn’t starve away.

7. Real Maps

Everyone got lost back in the day before Google Maps or Waze were invented. Traveling to an unknown location was not that easy because everyone would get lost on the way. Scroll down to see one of the hardest struggles that 90s kids had to go through.

6. Sharing Songs

Man, I remember having to send songs like this. If someone moved their phone even for a bit, the transfer would be canceled. You won’t believe how people used to take selfies!

5. Webcam Selfies

Taking selfie wasn’t that easy back in the 90s. The only way people could take selfies was by using webcams and getting the right angle was truly a demonstration of skill.

4. Scratched CD

Seeing that a CD looked like this was the worst feeling ever! The reason behind this being that the CD would automatically skip the tracks where it was scratched.

3. BBC Children

If you loved puppets, then this BBC show is surely one of your fondest childhood memories. This man used to showcase all the latest toys and puppets which made him an awesome personality of the 90s.

2. Tangled Phone Cords

People just don’t know how much skill and patience it took to untangle a phone cord. Playing around with the phone cord also made conversations more interesting. You know what’s even more amazing than this? The way that people texted back in the 90s.

1. Texting

Now that smartphones are around, teenagers will never know how cool it was to send these handwritten notes in class. There was something special about sending “texts” like this.


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