Sometimes help comes from unexpected places. Children these days are so smart and handy that you will never believe how a 3-year-old toddler saved his father’s life when he slipped into a diabetic coma. If it wasn’t for this, Mark would have died.

20. A Toddler Saved His Parent’s Life

While his father was having a diabetes crisis, this little child knew what to do to save him. Mark was lying unconscious on the kitchen floor when his baby boy did something completely unexpected.

19. The Hero Of The Day

Meet the incredible kid, Lenny-George. He is 3 years old and after saving his father’s life, he became a hero! Here’s what turned him into one.

18. A 34-year-old Father

Mark Jones is the father and has type 1 diabetes. His condition is so severe that he has to take insulin four times a day. He never thought that something like this could happen to him, but sadly, it did.

17. When Mom’s Not Around

It all happened when Emma, Mark’s wife left him home with the child. Leaving the house to run some errands, she knew that she will quickly return home to her family. But no one prepared her for what was about to happen.

16. What’s Going On Here?

After she came back, it seemed strange that both Mark and Lenny-George were lying on the sofa. Trying not to panic, she got closer.

15. “I Saved Daddy!”

When Emma asked about the situation, Lenny-George said: ‘I saved daddy!’. Trying to wrap her head around what her child was trying to tell her, she took another look at her husband and asked some explanations.

14. He Knew What To Do

Even though the child was never told about Mark’s condition, he dragged his little chair over to the fridge to take something out for his father who was unconscious on the floor.

13. Something Sweet

He took a sweet yogurt that helped Mark to raise his sugar level high enough so he could stand up and take his tablets. This is how the kid managed to feed his nearly unconscious father…

12. An Alternative Option

Although he wasn’t able to find the silverware, the baby thought about his plastic knife from the play-kitchen and used it to put the yogurt in his father’s mouth.

11. A Proud Mom

Emma, the 31-year-old mom could not be prouder of her little treasure Lenny who managed to save the day.  But why eating yogurt saved his life?

10. Children Are Intuitive

Lots of children are gifted and know how to adapt to life-threatening situations by copying their parents. Since Mark wasn’t feeling good in the past, Emma always took food from the fridge to give him. It might have been just pure luck.

9. Happe Events

If both the dad and son were in bed or if Lenny-George hadn’t done what he did, Mark could’ve ended up in a diabetic coma. Here’s why just a little bit of yogurt could save someone’s life if they have diabetes!

8. Know More About Diabetes Type 1

When you have type 1 diabetes your body doesn’t produce much insulin and your blood sugar levels get too high. Without insulin, too much glucose stays in your blood. Fortunately, there a few things that could be done to prevent this from happening.

7. How Can You Cure It?

There is no cure but exercises can help you reduce your blood sugar without medication. Exercise regularly for good results because people with diabetes need to manage their disease in order to stay functional.

6. Diabetic Coma

People with type 1 diabetes can also have episodes of hypoglycemia. In such situations, it’s best to drink or eat something sweet. This is why Mark recovered after eating the sweet yogurt.

5. Benefits Of Yogurt

Yogurt provides many health benefits; it can be a great breakfast, snack or ‘dessert’ which keeps blood sugar levels lower and stabilized.

4. It’s Even Good For Skin

Yogurt’s properties had always been good for your skin’s health. It can be included in your face cream or even scrub.

3. The Perfect Family

This story could have had a different ending if the kid wasn’t already used to his father’s condition. Let’s assume for a second that he couldn’t find a spoon for the yogurt…

2. Collaboration

Instead of paying attention to his toys, he decided to act quickly in order to save his dad, although he wasn’t fully understanding what was going on with him.

1. Happy Family

The family is now doing really well, Mark’s condition is under control, and for sure they will never forget how their kid saved his father’s life.