Gary Bartoszewski was taking a walk through the park when he heard a weird noise. Curiosity got the best of Gary and he went to check out what was making that noise and to his surprise, it was a panicked mother duck.

The duck was sitting on a metal drain and Gary couldn’t understand why she was quacking non-stop. However, he quickly realized that something is not right and decided to keep investigating.

20. The Park

Ducks love to spend their time around the park because people feed them breadcrumbs. Not just that, but parks are also a safe place for ducks since no one wants to harm them there.

19. Little Ducklings

On the downside of things, little ducklings are in danger whenever their mother takes them away from the park because they are small and fall into tight spaces where they can’t get away from.

18. Gary Bartozsweski

Gary heard the mother duck quacking and he decided to see what was wrong with it. The duck was defensive at first and she wouldn’t move off the drain, but Gary quickly convinced her to move. You won’t believe what he saw inside the drain!

17. The Ducklings Are Stuck

Gary was shocked to see that a bunch of ducklings got stuck inside the drain pipe. Seeing this, the man knew he had to do something and save the little animals before something terrible happens to them.

16. Lifting The Metal Drain

Gary picked up a metal rod and tried to lift up the metal that was on top of the drain. Unfortunately, the metal proved to be too heavy and the man couldn’t pick it up. This is when Gary realized that he needs to think of a different method of saving the ducklings…

15. Water Pipe

Gary needed to think fast because the little ducklings were sitting in a water pipe that could overflow and take them away in an instant. What do you think the mother duck did all this time?

14. Panicked Duck

Even though Gary was doing his best to save the little ducklings, the mother duck kept quacking non-stop. The duck was anxious to get her babies back and Gary needed to rush.

13. Small Net

Fortunately, Gary managed to find two small nets and someone to help him pick up the ducklings from the drain and give them to their mamma.

12. Gary Needs To Be Careful

The little ducklings are fragile and Gary needs to be careful when picking them up. Keep reading because you will be amazed by how the mother duck reacts to seeing her first baby being taken out the drain!

11. Anxious Duck

As Gary was trying to pick up her babies, the mamma duck stopped quacking. Maybe she realized that her quacking was annoying Gary and she wanted him to keep calm. Isn’t this amazing?

10. The First Duckling

The first duckling was out and the first thing that it did was to run back to its mamma. Seeing this, Gary knew that he couldn’t stop and that he needed to keep picking up the other stuck ducklings.

9. Tough Mission

One of the ducklings was saved, but Greg’s mission was far from over! Greg and his helper still had lots of ducks to save and luckily, they decided to save them all!

8. More Ducklings

Greg kept on pulling out more and more ducklings and all of them ran straight to their mamma. Everyone who was there had a smile on their faces after seeing the ducklings safe.

7. Luck

We think it’s safe to admit that the little ducklings got lucky that Greg was walking around the park just when they fell into the drain. Not everyone would be curious enough to find out why a duck doesn’t stop from quacking and this makes Greg special.

6. One More

Greg’s mission to save all the ducklings was nearly over, but there was still one more. Unlike the first couple of ducklings, this last one was pretty far away and Greg couldn’t reach it with his net…

5. All Of Them Are Saved

Greg didn’t want to leave any duckling behind and he put his hand up to the elbow in the drain and managed to pick up the last one. The next picture is going to bring a smile to your face!

4. Family Reunion

All the ducklings were finally safe and Greg knew that his mission was over. The mamma duck got all her babies and she left for the park where there aren’t any drains.

3. Happy Duck Family

After spending a couple of minutes in the water drain, the ducklings were safe and sound. However, we can be sure that the mama duck is not going to take them for a walk next to any drain from now on.

2. Water Is Safe

The best thing that ducks can do in order to avoid accidents like falling in the drain is to stay on the water. However, the city council could also use some better metal tops for water drains so ducklings will not get stuck inside them anymore.

1.Life Saver

Gary is a lifesaver and there’s no doubt about it! Nonetheless, what do you think of this story?