This is the story of Sammi, an 8 year old happy go lucky Springer Spaniel. Like most dogs, Sammi loved to run and play fetch but eventually Sammi was no longer able to do the things that most other dogs could.

20. Sammi the Springer Spaniel

Sammi’s owner couldn’t figure out why he was slowing down. He was aging but his overall physical health and agility was deteriorating at an alarming rate.

19. Sammi’s Condition

Sammi’s owner watched as her dog began to slow down. He no longer could run or play fetch as he used to. Day after day, his condition was becoming worse, to the point he began losing control of his back end and out of nowhere he would just fall down and he could not get up. Enough was enough! Sammi’s human decided it was not just aging having an effect on her poor pup, it was something more serious…

18. A Trip to the Vet

Sammi and his owner took a trip to the vet where Sammi would undergo testing and x-rays to determine the issue.

17. Abnormal Bone Growth

The vet determined through the x-rays that additional bone growth along Sammi’s spinal column was the culprit. The bone growth was creating pressure on his spine which in turn caused Sammi’s legs to go limp causing him to fall down. This pressure became so much, that eventually Sammi could not walk at all. He became a quadriplegic.

16. Sad and Confused Sammi

This was absolutely devastating to Sammi’s mom. She would do anything to see him run and play again. It was taking a huge toll on Sammi himself. The once happy go lucky spaniel was visibly depressed. He would try and try to lift himself but he just couldn’t understand was was happening to him.

15. Surgery for Sammi

Sammi’s mom was prepared to fork out the money to help her dog, so she decided to have surgery done to remove the excess bone along his spine.

14. Unsuccessful Surgery

Unfortunately, the surgery was unsuccessful. The surgeon attempted to remove as much excess bone as he could, but in the end determined that Sammi would never walk again. But to Sammi’s owner, this was not enough. There had to be something that could be done.

13. Not Giving Up

Sammi’s owner was convinced that her dog would walk again and she was not giving up anytime soon. She decided her next step would be to take Sammi to the California Animal Rehab Center.

12. Rehabilitation Plan

At the rehab center, the vet techs were also fairly certain they could help Sammi. They agreed to work with him and said that it was very possible that he could at least begin to move his head and neck and possibly his upper body. They promised Sammi’s mom that they would try their absolute best to get him walking again, but it would certainly take a great deal of time.

11. Intense Rehab

The California Animal Rehab Center sat down with Sammi’s owner shortly after the time of his surgery, to determine the best approach to the rehabilitation process for Sammi. He would need some very intense rehab if he was to ever walk again and the chances of this were very slim. As with humans, paralysis in animals is extremely complex and nearly impossible to fully treat. But there was hope…

10. Hope for Sammi

“After three months of daily rehabilitation to strengthen his core muscles, including electronic stimulation, electro-acupuncture, assisted standing in the underwater treadmill, and sensory rehabilitation over a therapy ball, Sammi was able to master sitting up from a down position. Treatment was continued to pattern his legs to walk again, while constantly fighting them, as they were stiff and rigid from his neurological condition.” Commented one of the vet techs in an interview with Animal Channel.

It was a long and gruelling battle for Sammi, but before long it finally happened…

9. Walking Again

“One day it finally happened – he took his first steps, and although he could not even stand and balance on his own that day, through continued rehabilitation, patience, and sheer determination, he learned to walk again and never looked back. Today Sammi not only walks – he runs, jumps, swims, and plays. You’d never know what he’s been through to look at him now! Finally, Sammi took his first steps.”

8. Running, Playing and Swimming Too!

Sammi had finally gained the strength in his legs and muscles to lift himself and stand again. Day by day he was able to do more and more until he was running, playing, swimming and back to his normal happy go lucky self. Everyone was completely shocked and amazed at how far he had come. They think he was even pretty shocked himself!

7. Simply Ecstatic

Sammi’s owner was ecstatic when she learned of Sammi’s progress. She visited him frequently at the rehab center and saw day by day the changes. But when she finally witnessed him walking, it was all too overwhelming for her.

6. A Second Chance

Sammi’s owner was once told that her beloved dog would never walk again. She was basically told to give up all hope. But her determination and love for her pup was enough to give him a second chance at life. She raced to the rehab center after hearing that Sammi was on his feet and her reaction was one of disbelief:

5. Greeting His Owner Proudly

As she entered the rehab facility, Sammi’s owner wasn’t sure what she would see. She half expected to see him limping slowly to greet her. But what came around the corner, totally startled her…

4. Running Towards Her with Excitement

Sammi literally ran to greet his owner and to get loads and loads of hugs and snuggles!

3. Keeping Active

In order to make sure that Sammi’s condition would not worsen over time, his owner was determined to keep him active. She vowed to do everything she could to keep him moving and even entered herself and Sammi into 5K marathons.

2. Support from his Friends at Rehab

With the amazing support and care from the California Rehab Center, Sammi is back to the happy go lucky self he was before all of this. It’s as if nothing ever happened. The sad reality is that Sammi’s situation is quite common and unfortunately, most owners simply do not have the time or financial resources to help their dear pets. And often, veterinarians will recommend that owners euthanize them if they are going to live the rest of their lives in pain or paralyzed.

1. Keep Fighting!

Sammi is truly an inspiration to not only his kind, but to humans in similar situations. His sheer determination to get back up on his feet is absolutely breathtaking. Sammi’s story preaches how important it is to never give up and to keep pushing through no matter how hard it may seem some days. Set your goals and never stop fighting until you reach them!