Everyone who owns a pet will tell you that they are a member of the family. Even though cats might be a little distant towards humans, they care about their owners, especially their owners’ babies!

Felines understand how much people love their children and with that said, you won’t believe what a black cat did when she noticed her owner’s baby was having trouble breathing.

20. Feline Pets


If there’s something everybody knows about cats, it must be the fact that they are pretty mean. Being mean is in their nature, but this doesn’t say that they don’t care about their owners! In fact, you will be surprised to find out what a black cat named Midnight did for her owner.

19. Cats And Dogs


There’s a big difference between cats and dogs, and I am not only talking about the way they look. Dogs are known for being a man’s best friends while on the other hand, cats are known for being distant towards humans.

18. Loving Cats


Even though cats have a reputation for being distant towards their owners, this isn’t the case for all of them. Keep reading, and you will see what I am talking about…

17. Awesome Felines


Despite their reputation, some cats do love being around humans. Not just that, but they enjoy playing with people and getting belly rubs from them. What I am about to show you next will prove this to you!

16. Bernita Rogers


This woman is Bernita Rogers and today’s incredible story starts with her. Bernita and her husband were trying to have children but sadly, they weren’t successful. This is when a little cat named Midnight comes in.

15. Meet Midnight


Things were not looking good for the Rogers family, Bernita had three miscarriages, and she wasn’t feeling well. This is when she met Midnight. This cute black cat is a stray who kept showing up in Bernita’s backyard. What do you think Bernita did about this?

14. Bernita Adopts Midnight


Berita decided to adopt the stray black cat and to give her a home. She named the cat Midnight because of her color, and they became best friends. Not long after that happened, Bernita got pregnant again!

13. Bernita is Pregnant


Bernita became pregnant a couple of weeks after Midnight came around and she gave birth to a baby girl named Stacey. This is why Bernita and her husband started thinking that Midnight might be their lucky charm.

12. Lucky Charm


Roy, Bernita’s husband, is saying that little Stacy is their pride and joy. The family couldn’t be happier, and they are doing everything in their power to protect the little baby. Unfortunately, the baby got sick!

11. Stacy Is Sick


Despite their best efforts to keep the baby safe from harm’s way, Stacy got sick. Seeing this, Bernita and her husband rushed straight to the hospital! Keep reading to find out what the doctor had to say.

10. A Mild Cold


The doctor told Bernita and her husband that they don’t have anything to worry about. Stacy just contacted a mild cold and that she will feel better in no time. Do you think the doctor was right?

9. Feeling Better


Days after taking Stacy to the hospital, the baby was already feeling better. Bernita felt relaxed because she knew that her baby girl is going to be alright. However, this is when Midnight started acting weird around the house.

8. Midnight Acts Weird


Midnight started making weird growling noises every time the baby girl was around. Bernita didn’t think too much of this, and she believed that Midnight was only looking for attention. Bernita couldn’t have been more wrong than this!

7. The Baby Monitor


One night as Bernita was sleeping, she started hearing a loud growling noise coming from the baby monitor. Bernita knew that Midnight was the one meowing and she didn’t want to wake up from her sleep. You will be shocked by what happens next!

6. Midnight Is Asking For Help!


Midnight didn’t stop meowing in the baby monitor and Bernita couldn’t sleep so she rushed to the baby’s room. This is when Bernita realized that Midnight was actually asking for help! You won’t believe what happened next.

5. Respiratory Failure


The poor baby was in respiratory failure and her skin color was turning blue because she couldn’t breathe! This is why Midnight was meowing all night long. Bernita didn’t waste any time and rushed straight to the hospital… Do you think she made it in time?

4. Stacy Is Stable


Fortunately, Bernita and her husband arrived at the hospital right in the nick of time. The doctors were able to stabilize Stacy and help her breathe. Isn’t it amazing how lucky Bernita and her husband got?

3. Life Saver


Even though no one would expect a cat to act this way, Midnight is a lifesaver and no one can deny that! I don’t even want to imagine what would’ve happened if Midnight wasn’t around the baby girl during that night…

2. Stacy Grew Up


Because of Midnight’s incredible actions, Stacy was saved and she grew up without any problems. It seems like Midnight was indeed a lucky charm for the Rogers family.

1. Amazing Pet


This incredible story showed us why having a pet around the house can be useful. Nonetheless, do you think your pet would ever do something amazing like this?

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