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Squirrel Returns To Her Savior To Give Her An Amazing Gift

Squirrel Returns To Her Savior To Give Her An Amazing Gift

What would you do if a baby squirrel showed up on your front porch? This is what happened to a woman named Simone Serfontein and she decided to take the crying baby squirrel into her house. Little did Serfontein know, but this baby squirrel would bring her an amazing gift in the months that followed!

20. Baby Squirrel

This is the baby squirrel that showed up on Serfontein’s front porch. The poor baby squirrel was crying nonstop and the woman knew that she had to do something about it so she took the scared animal into her home.

19. Naming Her Dingetjie

The woman didn’t only take the baby squirrel into her home, but she also named it Dingetjie. Therefore, the woman became the squirrel’s surrogate mother and this is where our story starts.

18. Difficult Task

To the woman’s surprise, taking care of the baby squirrel was not as easy as it seemed. The woman needed to wake up multiple times overnight and feed Dingetjie so that it would stop crying. Although, this wasn’t the hardest part about raising Dingetjie…

17. Taking Dingetjie To Work

Dingetjie was super scared to be left alone and the woman had no other choice than to take the squirrel with her at work. This was a bit difficult at first because Dingetjie would run around the workplace and never stay quiet. But then…

16. Releasing Dingetjie

Even though the woman loved having Dingetjie around, she knew that she needs to release her into the wild once she is a full grown adult. As heartbreaking as this is, Serfontein had no other option than to let Dingetjie run to the forest.

15. Living Next To A Wildlife Park

Serfontein and her boyfriend lived next to a wildlife park and this made it easy for them to find a spot to release Dingetjie. How do you think Dingetjie reacted to being released into the wild?

14. Saying Goodbye

Serfontein and Dingetjie said their goodbyes and the squirrel was all set to go. However, this isn’t where our story ends! Keep reading to see what happens next.

13. Coming Back

It didn’t take long for Dingetjie to come back to Serfontein’s house. The woman was left in awe when she saw this, but she was happy that Dingetjie still cared for her. But what was the tiny animal doing there?

12. Cute Squirrel

Serfontein gave Dingetjie something to eat and the cute squirrel ran into the forest once again. This is when Serfontein came up with this brilliant idea…

11. Leaving The Window Open

Seeing how Dingetjie always came back to visit, Serfontein decided to leave her window open so that the squirrel could come into the house. Serfontein had no idea what the squirrel would bring into her home…

10. Dingetjie Is Pregnant

One week after Serfontein left the window open, Dingetjie showed up pregnant! The woman knew that the squirrel needed help giving birth and that’s why she came to her house. You won’t believe what Serfontein did next!

9. A Tissue Bed

The woman put up lots of tissues together and created a warm bed where Dingetjie could have her baby. What do you think the baby was? Was it a girl or a boy?

8. Dingetjie Had A Baby Girl

With the help of Serfontein, Dingetjie had a baby girl. Aren’t they just the most adorable squirrels you ever saw?

7. Taking Care Of The Baby Squirrel

Serfontein and her boyfriend quickly realized that Dingetjie and her newborn baby are not planning to leave the house anytime soon. Luckily, the couple already knew how to take care of a baby squirrel and were prepared.

6. Lots Of Work

Taking care of two squirrels is not an easy task because the couple needed to feed them and clean them. Fortunately, Serfontein and her boyfriend were more than happy to do it!

5. Adorable Squirrels

Serfointen says that even though Dingetjie and her newborn baby kept her up all night long, it was all worth it because they are the cutest animals ever. The next picture will bring a smile to your face!

4. Dingetjie and Tinnie

The one on the left is Dingetjie and the baby squirrel on the right is her daughter, Tinnie. The next picture is even more adorable than this one!

3. Mother & Daughter

Serfontein says that her heart melts whenever she sees Dingetjie and Tinnie run around the house. Although, who can blame Serfontein for falling in love with these two baby squirrels?

2. Little Toy

Serfontein wanted to make sure that baby Tinnie knows her home is a loving and safe place so she bought her lots of little toys to cuddle with. Isn’t Serfontein amazing?

1. Incredible Story

What did you think of this incredible story? I bet Serfontein and her boyfriend had no idea what they were getting into when they first started taking care of Dingetjie. However, it was all worth it in the end.


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