Look out, there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s fuzzy, cuddly and incredibly cute. When this adorable pup got adopted by one officer she had no idea that he’d be adopted by the whole police department as well. You’ll ‘aww’ at this adorable pup and his adventures as a police officer.

20. Last Year

Image: Animal Channel

Around last year, Officer Kathryn Smith of the St. Paul Police Department was called out to investigate a local farm. People has been calling the cops because a stray dog and her puppies were hanging out around the property and people were growing concerned.

19. At The Scene

Image: ShelterMe.tv

Officer Smith arrived at the farm and checked out the area. When she saw the puppies she fell absolutely in love with one puppy in particular. It was truly love at first sight!

18. Saving Them

Image: Twitter.com

Officer Smith made sure to get all of the dogs to safety. However, the dog that she fell in love with stayed by her side. From that point on that dog was her’s to keep.

17. Adopted

Image: The Dodo

Officer Smith then went out and officially adopted the adorable pooch. She knew she couldn’t be separated from him. Then she gave him the most perfect name: Fuzz.

16. Police Department

Image: Animal Channel

It wasn’t long until Officer Smith decided to introduce Fuzz to all of her colleagues at the police department. Fuzz was just so cute and sweet that everybody absolutely fell in love with him at first glance. Soon, they came up with the most adorable name for him!

15. Renamed

Image: Facebook.com

The officer’s at the department wanted Fuzz to officially be a part of the department. So from that day on, they dubbed the five-month-old pup, “Sergeant Fuzz.” Everyone loved the name.

14. Instant Hit

Image: MPR News

Our chief brings his dog, Stella, in on Fridays, so we thought it’d be nice to have the puppy come in here and there, too,” John Lozoya, senior commander of community engagement for the department, told The Dodo. “He was an instant hit with everyone.”

13. Calming Effect

Image: The Dodo

Since the job of a police officer is pretty stressful, the officers were happy to have Fuzz around the office. They noticed that whenever he was around the office felt much calmer. It was like Fuzz brought peace with him.

12. Sweet Distraction

Image: MPR News

Sgt. Fuzz was also a great distraction whenever someone was on a break from work. He’d be there for them to play with and pet, giving them time to decompress from their stressful situations.

11. Mellow Puppy

Image: Animal Channel

He’s very playful but also loves to be cuddled,” Lozoya said. “His personality is very welcoming. He’ll lay down and let anyone pet him right away. He’s a very mellow puppy.”

10. Cuddle Officer

Image: Facebook/Saint Paul Police Department

The department soon dubbed Sgt. Fuzz as the official “cuddle officer” of the department. He officially works around 10 hours a week whenever his mom is at work. Everyone looks forward to his appearance.

9. Daily Activities

Image: Facebook/Saint Paul Police Department

So what does a typical work day look like for Fuzz? Well, Sgt. Fuzz really keeps busy by greeting staff and hanging out with them. On a more active day, Fuzz will play fetch with the officers. On a slow day he loves nothing more than a cuddle.

8. Hopeful

Image: Facebook/Saint Paul Police Department

We hope one day, when he is a certified therapy dog, he can not only assist with our staff but also with people who have been victimized and are in need of support,” Lozoya said. Still, it’s going to take a while until Fuzz will be a certified therapy dog so for he’s still cuddle officer.

7. Teddy Bear

Image: Facebook/Saint Paul Police Department

Since the beginning of police and fire departments, animals have always been with us,” Lozoya said. “He’s sort of this new evolution to a working police canine, who just happens to look like a fluffy teddy bear.”

6. Facebook

Image: Facebook/Saint Paul Police Department

Ever since Sgt. Fuzz has showed up, the police department couldn’t help but feel special. So they decided to do a little bit of bragging on their Facebook page. You’ll laugh at their Facebook post!

5. The Post

Image: Facebook/Saint Paul Police Department

Meet Fuzz. Last week he received his first patch. Yesterday he was promoted to sergeant. Sgt. Fuzz is committed to hard work and caring for our officers as well as the community,” the Facebook post read.

4. Interview

Image: Facebook/Saint Paul Police Department

It wasn’t long before the news spread throughout the community. Soon everyone wanted to know more about this amazing pup! Even the local news wanted to do an interview.

3. Local Star

Image: Facebook/Saint Paul Police Department

Fuzz has become a real local star throughout the little community. Everyone in the streets instantly recognizes him and they all love to go over and give him a pet.

2. Saved

Image: Star Tribune

Thanks to Officer Smith, Fuzz was given a loving home where he is always taken care of. However, not only that, Fuzz has also been able to impact the lives of his local police department in the most amazing way.

1. Mutual Help

Image: Scoopnest.com

Together, Fuzz and the police department help each other out. Fuzz provides the officer’s with much needed stress relief while Fuzz gets tons of love and affection. Sounds like a fair trade!