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Cat’s Happy Ending After Sadly Losing His Brother

When this poor kitten was discovered he was incredibly malnourished and on the verge of death. With his brother having already passed away, no one was sure how long this kitten would survive. Somehow he managed to power through and you won’t believe how this tiny kitten has transformed!

20. Orphaned


A small tiny kitten was discovered all by himself. The only thing next to him was the body of his brother that had passed away. It was an incredibly sad sight to behold.

19. Discovered


The woman that discovered him knew that time was of the essence in a situation like this one. So she quickly rushed the tiny kitten over to the nearest animal shelter. The closest one happened to be a nearby Arizona shelter called Rescuing Animals In Need (RAIN).

18. TLC


The kitten was in need of some serious TLC, so the shelter went to work to find the perfect foster home for him. They hoped it wouldn’t be too late to save this adorable kitten!

17. Foster Mom


That’s when Melinda Blain stepped up and offered to be the kitten’s foster mom. She quickly scooped up the kitten and brought him over to her home. That was when she gave him the perfect name…

16. A Name


When Blain brought the kitten home she knew he needed a name, so she called him ‘Mety’. She was surprised by just how small the kitten was and knew that he was going to need some extra care to pull through.

15. Very Tiny


He was one week old when he came to me, but the same weight as a newborn or one day old kitten,” Blain said. “He’s the sweetest little snuggle bug.” Mety immediately fell in love with Blain and this created a strong bond between them.

14. Malnourished


Mety was so malnourished, and he was found with his sibling who had already passed away. He’s been a pretty quiet baby since the beginning. He is mellow and only gets noisy when he hears me getting his bottle ready,” Blain explained.

13. Big Eater


From that point on, Mety turned into a big eater! His appetite was huge and Blain was incredibly happy to see an improvement in his weight. He put on 20 grams of weight in just the first twenty-four hours of being at Blain’s home.

12. Gaining Weight


He already upped his weight by 20 percent in just a day, and he loves his kitten milk. He’s such a sweetheart and purrs for after-meal cuddles,”she said. Blain swears that Mety’s personality is what allowed him to survive.

11. Perseverance


Blain swears that it was Mety’s perseverant personality that allowed him to beat the odds. She noticed that he was a fighter from the beginning. However, Blain was still pretty nervous from the beginning.

10. Little Fighter


He has always been a strong eater and has quickly become a chunky baby who loves his bottle. It always worries me when I get babies that young that are underweight and malnourished, but he is such a fighter and the sweetest little guy,” Blain stated.

9. First Steps


Recently, Mety has been taking on a brand new challenge. He is beginning to learn how to walk and has started taking his very first steps. Blain was so proud of the moment she could barely contain herself!

8. Walking

Image: Instagram/bottlebabyfosters

He started walking successfully in the past week. He always waddles since he has a chunky belly. He falls over occasionally, but he’s becoming more and more coordinated!” Blain said with excitement in her voice. However, that’s not the only thing Mety has been learning.

7. Litter Box

Image: Instagram/bottlebabyfosters

Mety has also been learning how to use his litter box all on his own. Now that he knows how to walk he walks himself over to the litter box with pride. Blain has never been so excited about a cat’s progress before Mety.

6. Playpen


Image: Instagram/bottlebabyfosters

The little guy gets cuter every day! He’s going to move to a playpen this week so that he can have more space to explore,” Blain explained. However, Mety still hasn’t grown past cuddle sessions.

5. Cuddly

Image: Instagram/bottlebabyfosters

He still just loves to hang out in my lap and soak up the love,” Blain stated. “He’s already made such tremendous progress and has been such a little healthy baby with a strong spirit!”

4. Social Media

Image: Instagram/bottlebabyfosters

Since Mety only continues to grow cuter as the days go by, Blain decided to create a social media account dedicated to him. On the account she uploads daily posts about Mety and his fun adventures around the house. You’ll won’t believe how many fans Blain has managed to acquire!

3. Fans

Image: Instagram/bottlebabyfosters

Blain’s Instagram account @bottlebabyfosters has 15.1k followers. The account is dedicated to all of her current foster kittens and Mety just happens to be one of many! There are tons of cuteness on the account.

2. Saving Grace

Image: Instagram/bottlebabyfosters

Thanks to the woman that brought Mety over to the shelter and the wonderful shelter staff, Mety was given a second chance at life. However, a lot of the credit also goes to his amazing foster mom who put in the dedicated effort to give him the extra care that he needed.

1. Forever Home

Image: Instagram/bottlebabyfosters

Now, Mety’s next step is to find a forever home where he will be loved! In the meantime, he’ll stay with his amazing foster mom and grow bigger and stronger each day.

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