Many animal lovers take under their wings a lot of injured animals or animals in need. They take care of them, and when the animals are ready, they try to find them a forever home so they can live a happy life with people that will love them and keep them safe. However, sometimes it’s hard for many animals to live in the same place with other, but that’s not our case. Two beautiful puppies and their friends prove everyone wrong, and their story will amaze you! Make sure not to miss #19, #16 and #14!

20. “That Was a Great Joke!”

The white dog, which name is Pikelet, was about to be euthanized when it was almost five weeks old. However, he was given a chance to live when Wollongong Animal Rescue Network took him under its wing and decided that he wasn’t a lost cause. Click next to see the dogs and the ducklings having a bath together!

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