Today we have a fantastic story about a curious dog who stuck his nose where it didn’t belong! The poor doggy was looking for some food and he smelled something tasty inside a sewer pipe and stuck his head into it. It seems like the tube was a perfect fit because the dog couldn’t take his head out. What happened next is going to shock you!

20. A Pleasant Walk

Two women were taking a walk through the central park when they spotted something terrifying! At first, the women believed they saw a monster with a long neck but as they got closer, they realized it was something else.

19. A Trapped Doggy

This is what the women saw in the distance. It wasn’t a monster! It was just a sad doggy who got trapped inside a sewer pipe. What do you think the two women did next?

18. Calling For Help

The women realized that they don’t have enough strength to help the dog and they decided to call the St. Louis Fire Department for help. This was the best thing they could do. Keep reading to find out why!

17. Experienced Firemen

The St. Louis Fire Department firefighters are experienced in saving all types of trapped animals, especially stray dogs! That’s why calling them was the best thing the two women could do. Let’s see what the firemen did to help the dog.

16. The Dog Is Stuck!

At first, the firemen tried taking off the sewer pipe with their hands, but the dog was stuck. The firemen didn’t want to pull too hard on the pipe because they could hurt the stray dog and they came up with this brilliant idea instead…

15. The Necessary Tools

Seeing how the sewer pipe was stuck pretty good on the dog’s head, the firemen went to their truck and pulled out the right tools. Now that they had huge pliers in their hands, they went to work. The next picture will bring a smile to your face!

14. Finally Free

It didn’t take long for the firemen to free the dog and the poor animal started running right away. However, the firemen called him back because their job was far from over.

13. Calming Down

The firemen said that the dog was scared at first, but he quickly calmed down after he saw that the firemen didn’t want to hurt him. Keep reading to find out what the firemen wanted to do with the dog next.

12. Looking For His Owner

Even though the dog was wandering the streets all by himself, the firemen believed that he might have an owner and started spreading pictures of the dog all over the town. Do you think they managed to find his owner?

11. The Dog Might Be A Stray

Sadly, the firemen weren’t able to find the dog’s owner. This led them to believe that he might be a stray and that they need to find an adoptive family for him, but this is easier said than done!

10. Meet The Family

Luckily, the dog is super cute, and the firemen managed to find him an adoptive family quickly! You won’t believe how the family named the dog.

9. Meet McCartney

The family’s youngest child decided to name the dog McCartney after the famous Beatles singer. Having a dog is the only thing the boy ever wanted and he was super happy to have McCartney around.

8. The Family Loves Him

The family who took McCartney in is saying that this dog is perfect for them. They have small children who are always looking for someone to play with and McCartney is very active. And that’s not all!

7. Amazing Turn Of Events

Isn’t it amazing how this story went from a dog fighting to break free from a sewer pipe to a dog who found a loving family? McCartney sure deserves all the love and attention he is receiving from his new owners.

6. Having Fun

McCartney’s new owners have a huge backyard where the dog can run, but they love taking him to the local park where he was originally found. The reason why they are doing this is so that McCartney can play with other dogs.

5. Delicious Food

One of the hilarious things that McCartney’s new owners said is that they only feed him delicious food so that he won’t have to stick his head inside sewer pipes looking for food anymore.

4. Lucky Dog

Truth be told, McCartney is lucky because he was found by those two women. The firemen knew exactly what to do in order to set him free and to make things even better, they even found a family for him!

3. Life Savers

Firemen are life savers and there is no doubt about that! The fact that they are willing to help anyone in need be it a human or animal shows us how amazing these people really are.

2. A Tough Job

Even though being a fireman is not an easy job, these men and women are more than glad to do it. These people love to say that being a fireman is not a job, it’s a lifestyle!

1. Lots Of Fun

The only thing that matters now is that McCartney has someone to care for him. The dog was rummaging for food in all the wrong places, but now he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore!