This winter, a woman found a Goldendoodle alone, wandering through the woods. It was living on its own for some months. When the woman saw that the poor dog ate rocks and tinfoil, she immediately contacted Wilson County Humane Society. The dog was so matted and skinny, and when vets saw an x-ray of her stomach, they were shocked to see it was still alive!

Here is the story of Molly, now a happy Goldendoodle that discovered what good life is. Check out this good girl!

20. A Terrible Condition

The two-year-old dog was so emaciated that you could see her bones coming out of her matted coat of fur. She had nothing to eat and resorted to eating rocks and tinfoil to keep her stomach full…

19. Her Fur Was Matted

The fur was so tangled, that you could barely see the poor dog’s face. She was very skittish, but fortunately for her rescuers, she could be caught because she was very weak. They named her Molly and then, this happened…

18. Getting to the Hospital

But as soon as she was taken to the hospital, everything started getting better. She had to be shaved and then, the vets saw that all the things she ingested were passed on their own. She didn’t need surgery!

17. Foster Care

Soon, Molly got to a foster house, where Susan Nocito took care of the poor pup. This is what she said: ‘She was literally a skeleton. She was so weak.’ Susan said in an interview how Molly was first found. It’s heartbreaking!

16. Wandering the Streets

‘She had been wandering into neighborhoods eating people’s trash. She was living off of rocks, acorns, tinfoil, old chicken strips and rags. It’s a miracle she didn’t need surgery,’ said Nocito. But Molly needed a lot of care…

15. Full Attention

Molly needed a lot of care to help her regain her strength, so Nocito stood by the pup 24/7. The dog had to be sedated to get her haircut, because the hair was so matted, that it was too difficult to cut! You won’t believe this…

14. A Skinny Dog

The poor pup lost 6 pounds of matted fur and then weighed only 24 pounds, which was less than the half she should have weighed. But until Nocito would start taking care of Molly, the pup had to travel a bit.

13. Boarding the Airplane

Her case was soon taken over by the New Jersey Burlington County Animal Alliance, and she had to travel a bit after she was well enough for the journey. She would soon board the Flying Fur Animal Rescue airplane

12. Checking the World Below

Molly got to sit in a passenger seat and check out the world from above. When she finally landed, she thanked the pilot and founder of Flying Fur, Paul Steklenski, with a kiss and then met Nocito. This is what she said…

11. A Sweet Girl

‘She was just the sweetest thing once she got here. But she was very, very timid of me and my dogs,’ said Nocito. The foster mom had a lot of work to do to rehabilitate Molly and make her comfortable with people and other dogs. The pooch had to learn how to be a good companion. And a miracle happened!

10. Learning To Be a Good Companion

‘I worked with her every day to help her get a little more comfortable’, said Nocito. It took Molly three weeks of playing, walking on a leash and gaining some weight with tasty food at her disposal. And then, she got a surprise!

9. We Found a Home!

One day, Cheryl Sgroi, said she received a photo from her friend: ‘Daina Collins, who is a foster for the rescue, sent me Molly’s picture and we knew we had to apply’. So they did it and soon, found out the great news…

8. One Trial Day

‘We did a trial day with her and that was it. Everyone fell in love with her,’ said Sgroi. Even though Molly was a bit timid, being around the two dogs of the family and three kids made her feel comfortable. You won’t believe how the pooch transformed! Check her out…

7. High-Alert Mode

‘You could tell in the beginning that she was still in high-alert mode,’ said Molly’s new mom. She continued: ‘Every time even the couch would creak, her head would dart up and she’d look to see what was coming’. But time passed…

6. A Safe Haven

‘Now she’s fully sprawled out on her back sleeping so soundly. She’s super comfortable now,’ said Sgroi. And looking at the photos with Molly now, we can all agree that the pup is very happy and feels safe with her new family.

5. Looking Back

The once skinny and matted dog that was wandering the woods three months ago is now looking great and happy with her new family. She is healthy and she gets to enjoy a happy life that any pooch deserves!

4. She Was Very Skinny

‘When we first met her, all you could see is how thin she was’, said Sgroi. She was very curious to know how Molly got that way and what happened to her, but it will remain a mystery.

3. She’s An Amazing Pooch

What her family knows is that Molly is now safe with them thanks to ‘the selfless people who helped’ her. ‘She’s an amazing part of our family. We all love her so much,’ said Sgroi.

2. Molly is a Sweet Girl

‘Molly has such a wonderful personality and she is just the sweetest!! We love her to pieces!!’ said Sgroi in this photo with her and the family. And, looking at her face, it’s certain that Molly loves them all back!

1. Bless You All!

In a photo shared by the family, a woman named Cletus Cooke commented: ‘Bless you for taking this sweet dog. We are the folks that picked her up, starving and with awful matted fur. This is such a happy ending for her’.

Molly is such a lucky girl, having met so many people ready to help her out!