It’s an unfortunate world we live in when looks override so many other important qualities. Looks matter a lot and this applies to animals too. Scarlet, a shelter cat, was looking for a new forever home. Unfortunately, everyone passed her up and the reason is skin deep. Your heart will break for Scarlet and her unfortunate circumstances.

20. Ginger Cat


Scarlet, a beautiful ginger cat, was living on the streets for a very long time. Then one day, the Clermont County Animal Shelter discovered her. Her circumstances were pretty bad.

19. Abandoned

Image: angieslist

You see, Scarlet was declawed and left on the streets all by herself. She had no one around to help and she couldn’t even defend herself if needed. The cat knew she had to do something so she went and found help.

18. Asking for Help


Scarlet knew she was defenseless so she had to figure out an alternative. She showed up in front of someone’s porch and pawed at the door until they noticed her. The poor cat had cuts and scars all over her body.

17. In Need of Love


All Scarlet was looking for was somebody to love her. She was brought to the Clermont County Animal Shelter back in September 2016 and for some reason she still hasn’t been adopted. No one understands why…

16. Shelter Life

Image: The Dodo

Scarlet has not been able to find anyone willing to adopt her. Fortunately, the Clermont County Animal Shelter does not euthanize its animals or she would have been gone a long time ago. The cat has been there so long that she has noticed some big changes happen.

15. Taken Over

Image: My Furry Valentine

The Clermont County Animal Shelter is now the Clermont Animal CARE Humane Society. To celebrate the new management, the shelter held a huge adoption event. Around half of the animals got adopted, except for poor Scarlet.

14. The Problem

Image: Thatmutt

So what’s wrong with Scarlet? Does she have a serious health issue? Is she mean? Oddly enough, it’s not any of those reasons.

13. Old Age

Image: The Dodo

Scarlet is not a young and energetic kitten anymore. At 9 years old, she has lived a pretty long and tough life. Her scars all hold a story and unfortunately, most people tend to gravitate toward younger and “cuter” cats at adoption events.

12. The Shelter

Image: The Dodo

The shelter understands that her age could be a huge factor that is working against Scarlet. However, they just don’t understand how people don’t immediately fall in love with Scarlet. Everyone at the shelter absolutely adores her.

11. Sweet Cat

Image: The Dodo

Scarlet is a sweet, unassuming girl and while she doesn’t interact much with the other cats, she doesn’t mind them being around either,” Carolyn Evans, executive director of the Clermont Animal CARE Humane Society, told The Dodo.

10. No Mean Bone

Image: Clermont Pets Alive!

Shelter staff know just how sweet Scarlet is and wish others would take the time out to notice too. “She seems to like her own space, maybe because she has just become accustomed to life at the shelter. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body,” Evans stated.

9. Her Looks

Image: purebredcatsrescue

Still, staff at the shelter are aware of how important looks are to people. They understand that Scarlet may not be what families have in mind when looking to adopt a cat. But what exactly is wrong with Scarlet’s looks?

8. Stern Face


Unlike many of the younger cats, Scarlet is a bit overweight and has scars through her face and body. She also has a very “stern-looking” face that might throw people off. While she might look mean her actual personality is as sweet as honey.

7. Not Needy

Image: Pinterest

“Scarlet is not needy but welcomes attention in the form of soft words and gentle pets under her chin,” Evans said. “She doesn’t ask for much and seems to be happy with just an extra soft bed to spend her days.”

6. Trying Everything

Image: The Dodo

Staff members have gone above and beyond to try and get Scarlet adopted. One little girl even raised money at her birthday party for Scarlet’s adoption fees. Still, no one has shown any interest in the sweet cat.

5. The Girl

Image: The Dodo

The girl who raised the adoption money has grown quite fond of Scarlet. She and her mother visit the shelter every week to keep the cat company. They love to come in and help cheer Scarlet up with a little company.

4. The Perfect Cat

Image: Pinterest

The mother and daughter duo both genuinely believe that Scarlet is the perfect cat. Unfortunately, they are not able to adopt her themselves. Still, they make an effort to see her weekly and keep the cat as happy as possible to better her chances at adoption.

3. Perfect Home


2. Still Waiting


To this day, Scarlet is still hanging out at the shelter with the staff. No one has shown any interest in her and she is still waiting for her forever home. Fortunately the right person will come along soon.

1. High Hopes

Image: catster

The shelter continues to stay hopeful that Scarlet will find her perfect home soon. With a personality as sweet as hers, she truly deserves a great home with a loving family.