A squirrel was recently found stuck in a trap in Turkey. Unfortunately, the poor critter’s front legs had to be amputated. But medics couldn’t just stand by and put down the little squirrel, so they figured out a way to help him move around. This is how this little fluff became the first squirrel in the world with prosthetic limbs. Well, they’re wheels, not actual tiny paws, but it’s something…

Yes, we know it sounds weird, but wait until you see the photographs!

20. Stuck in a Trap


This little squirrel was quite in a trouble when a man discovered it. It was caught in a trap in a city called Batman, in Turkey. The young man didn’t know what else to do to help, so he started searching for a vet.

19. Acting Fast


There was no time to waste, as the poor critter was in pain and critically injured. That’s when the young man realized that he should find a vet fast. He would soon get help from a vet who’s also an animal rights activist.

18. He Contacted Tayfun Demir


The young man called Tayfun Demir, who said that: ‘A young man rescued him from the trap in Batman and found (me) and my videos and posts as a result of his researches’. The little critter received the name Karamel and soon, it would receive more…

17. Getting Into Surgery


Nobody wanted to put down the squirrel, and later many people reacted negatively to the decision. Instead, Karamel was sedated and entered surgery. It took six hours of surgery to save Karamel’s life, and then a second operation…

16. A Little Set Back


It might take a while to get accustomed to his new limbs, but Karamel is alive and really wants to hop around. He will have to adjust to his new pair of wheels, though. The great thing is that he gets to live and move around on his own. You won’t believe how the squirrel reacted the first time he tried the new set of wheels!

15. Prosthetics


But how did he actually get these awesome wheels? This is where a computer engineer and Istanbul Aydın University worked together with other scientists and doctors to find a way and give Karamel a chance to walk. Their creation is simply incredible, see it for yourself in the following photos.

14. Pioneers in Prosthetics


According to the Daily Sabah, it was all possible through a pioneer project led by Tayfun Demir, and orthopedists Mustafa Gültekin, Dr. Tolgay Şatana. There was also a physical therapist, Eylem Küçük. All of them focused on saving this squirrel!

13. The First Squirrel With Prosthetic Arms in The World


You might have never heard of squirrels with bionic arms before and that’s because it wasn’t done until now. Karamel now has prosthetic wheels, so that he won’t get slowed down. But at first, the little critter had some difficulties

12. Getting Used to It


Just like everyone else learning to walk again with a prosthetic leg or move a prosthetic arm, Karamel was adjusting to her new wheels. She couldn’t walk at first, but before doing that, she had to accept that foreign piece as part of her body. But after a few days…

11. First Goal


Orthopedist Mustafa Gultekin said in an interview that Karamel first needed time to adjust and then he could go to the next phase: ‘He is a wild animal trying to live in a home. He has a foreign object attached to his body’. Karamel had to do one thing…

10. Important Feedback


‘His reaction to this object was important to us. We passed this phase. We are now at the phase of walking,’ continued Dr. Mustafa Gultekin. And by the look of it, it seems that this brave little animal is doing great so far!

9. A Pet Squirrel


Tayfun Demir has a pet squirrel at home and he’s aware that there are amateur hunters that target these little animals, although it is illegal. The chance of living after being crippled is next to zero. Thankfully, the young man contacted him and when he heard about the story…

8. Hearing the Story


When he heard about the case, Demir knew he had to help. He loved squirrels and thought he should do something to make Karamel’s life easier. That’s how he became the first of his kind with prosthetic arms… well, they’re actually wheels.

7. Recovering from the Surgeries


Karamel the squirrel soon recovered from his surgeries and after his painful encounter with the trap, he is now able to walk again. His wheels are positioned and he’s ready to face the world. But what will happen to him next?

6. Living on His Own?


Karamel will surely be living in a house with someone that can take care of him. Squirrels in the wild need to climb trees and they will feed themselves by holding food with their arms, which Karamel lacks. His wheels will only help him move around…

5. That’s so Sad!


‘This squirrel is my inspiration,’ said one person reacting to the video of Karamel moving in his new wheels.  ‘I hope they don’t release him back into the wild; he’d last all of two minutes’, said one other worried person. However, negative responses poured in…

4. Euthanize the Poor Animal!


Utterly useless,’ reacted a person, saying that the squirrel is ‘a tree-dwelling animal and wheels will not help him climb’. ‘Just kindly euthanize it’, he said. Most of them were appalled: ‘He’s not a science experiment, he’s an animal.’

3. Some Might Be Right


Although many people had the right intentions saying Karamel should have been euthanized, the doctors also did their best to help the animal. They’ve also built a device that could lead to other similar prosthetics usable for other cases.

2. Doing Our Best


Whenever we see an animal in need of help, most of us stop and do our best. Just like the young man tried to save Karamel, and like the doctors that wanted to improve its quality of life, even though it’s just a tiny rodent.

1. Getting Some Help


Karamel might not understand what’s happening. Maybe he was better off euthanized or he’s better off alive. If he gets help to eat and drink, we say he’s trying his best… Everyone deserves a chance at life.