They say that dog is man’s best friend and for one 11-year-old no saying could ring truer. Lennox Goebel and his neighbor’s dog Bogart shared a special bond. Then, one day, Bogart had to go away. It was an entire year before the pair would be reunited again and you won’t believe how both of them react!

20. Best Pals

Image: ABC News

Eleven-year-old Lennox Goebel lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Right next door to his house is a furry and friendly dog named Bogart. Ever since these two met they have been inseparable.

19. Playing

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Lennox could always be spotted heading over to his neighbor’s backyard in order to have some fun with Bogart. The pair will play around all day and never grow tired of each other. It was a perfect friendship and Lennox even told his mother that Bogart was his best friend…

18. The Neighbor

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Lennox’s next door neighbor happens to be a musician. She does traveling shows from time to time across the United States and recently had to go on one. This spelled out bad news for Bogart and Lennox.

17. Moving Around


Since Bogart’s owner had to go on her music tour she had to find a place for the dog to stay. So she took the dog from Nashville all the way to California so that the dog could stay with her mother. Lennox was heartbroken.

16. Heartbroken

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Lennox was absolutely devastated when he heard the news and Bogart was super heartbroken as well! “I have known the emotional drama that he had felt while Bogart was away,” Lennox’s mom, Ellen, told ABC News.

15. Last Chance

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Lennox knew that he couldn’t let his best friend go without saying goodbye so he and his mother went over on the day that Bogart and his owner were planning to leave. “The day they were going to fly we went over there super early so he could play with the dog before they got on the plane,” Ellen explained.

14. Unsure

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No one knew how long Bogart would be away for. His owner wasn’t sure just how long her music tour would go on for but she assumed it would only be for a few months. However, her estimate ended up being pretty far off.

13. Crying Out

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As Lennox watched Bogart drive away he let out a very sad and long cry. He didn’t want his best friend to leave and his best friend watched sadly through the car window as well. It was a truly painful goodbye shared between best friends.

12. Praying

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Lennox and Bogart both continued to live life without each other but it just wasn’t the same. Every night, Lennox would pray for his best friend to be returned to him. He was determined to play with his buddy again.

11. Gone

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She had said he would be gone until last July, and he left last April, so we thought he’d only be gone a couple months and my son was already crying,” Ellen said. The Goebels also have a pet of their own, a Bichon Frise-Shih Tzu mix, named Happy.

10. Not The Same


Although Lennox loves Happy, his relationship with Bogart is something very special. The two share a bond that just can’t be recreated. For this reason, it was hard for the two of them to be apart for as long as they were.

9. Coming Back

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A year had gone by and Lennox was beginning to lose hope. He really thought that he would never see his best friend again. Then, Bogart’s owner suddenly returned…

8. A Surprise

Image: YouTube

Lennox’s mother found out that both Bogart and his owner were back in town. She decided that she would surprise her son and film the reaction. In the video, Bogart’s owner told Lennox that she had a surprise for him but Lennox had no idea that Bogart was back.

7. Walking Over

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As Lennox walked over he started to recognize a familiar silhouette. It was Bogart after all. Lennox let out a tear and as soon as Bogart heard Lennox’s voice he jumped for joy.

6. Reunited

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The two best friends were finally reunited and you could feel the happiness in the air. Lennox continued to let out a few tears here and there as he held his best friend close. Bogart was happy to be back in the arms of his best pal.

5. No Idea

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I had no idea. I just immediately thought, ‘I need to pet him,’” Lennox said, describing the moment. “It felt like Spring break all over again.” Bogart truly missed Lennox as well and his behavior was proof of it.

4. Bogart’s Reaction

Image: Animal Channel

Bogart was incredibly happy as well and it was written all over his face. The sweet dog’s tail wouldn’t stop wagging and he was rolling all around in excitement. Lennox’s mom continued to film the heartwarming reaction and eventually posted it on Facebook.

3. Facebook Video

Image: ABC News

Ellen knew that she had to share the heartwarming video with all of her Facebook friends. The video quickly received over 300,000 views. Everyone was so happy to see two best friends finally reunited after a year apart.

2. Tons of Fun

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Now that they are reunited, Lennox and Bogart have tons of great plans. They are going to continue playing together like they did before. Lennox will obviously heading over to his neighbor’s house on a daily basis.

1. Happy Moments

Image: Animal Channel

It is a truly happy and heartwarming ending to see a young boy and his best friend reunited. “Lennox is “over the moon” to have his best bud back,” Ellen said.