A wonderful video of a woman and her daughter’s teacher became viral after traveling around the globe and melting everyone’s hearts. In those scenes, the mother gets a surprise from her daughter’s teacher. Inside the box, there was a beautiful present. It actually started as a strange coincidence, leading to saving a little girl’s life.

You won’t believe how the story progresses. Let’s check it out…

20. Amazing News


One day, Dena Carreyn shared on Facebook the video that showed how Beth Battista told her some great news. It was taken without her knowing about it because Carreyn was at the school for a whole different reason!

19. The New Teacher


Carreyn found out that her daughter will have a new teacher. She said that ‘every time Lyla gets a new teacher, I have to train that person re: Lyla’s medical conditions, medications, etc. It’s a whole thing.’ She arrives at the school…

18. She’s On Her Way


The mother arrives at the school and the other two teachers were waiting, saying that the new teacher will soon get there. Until Beth Battista arrived, they showed the mother a present. You won’t believe what the present was about!

17. The Mother Was Shocked


‘And then they give me a present. And then this happened.’ The present had this note that brought everyone to tears. Dena Carreyn said that ‘many people think teachers are heroes. Beth Battista is more than our hero; she is our miracle.’

16. Lyla’s Condition


The girl had Microscopic Polyangiitis and her kidney failed to function. All summer long, her family started looking for a donor from anywhere on the globe. One day, Lyla had a fever at school and her mother took her to the local Urgent Care…

15. Full Renal Failure


Lyla and her mother spent only 15 minutes in the clinic and were immediately in an ambulance, to the hospital. She remembers that the ‘driver was radioing the hospital that he had “a three-year-old in full renal failure.”’ And it got complicated!

14. Three Weeks in a Coma


‘’When doctors tried to perform a biopsy to determine why Lyla’s kidneys had failed, Lyla’s lungs started hemorrhaging uncontrollably’, said Dena in a Facebook post. They were told to ‘prepare for the worst’ and put their daughter in an induced coma…

13.  Two More Months In the Hospital


Lyla spent another two months in the hospital, where she received blood, plasma transfusions, chemotherapy and non-stop hemodialysis. After that, she was sent home with a PD catheter implanted in the abdomen. And then the miracle happened.

12. Battista Wanted to Give Lyla a Future


‘I just had a feeling when I first heard about Lyla being sick. It was something inside me that said I needed to get tested,’ said the teacher. She wanted ‘to be able to save her life.’ And she was a perfect donor with a perfect kidney!

11. A Few Months Later


Beth gave the Dena the good news in September and then on 22 February, she had the kidney transplanted into Lyla. Dr. Robert Redfield removed the kidney and Dr. Luis Fernandez made the transplant. They both said that the patients were feeling well.

10. How Did Beth Find Out About Lyla?


If you’re wondering how the new teacher found out about her future student, our answer is Facebook. Beth saw the post and called to the UW Health Transplant Program to initiate the donor evaluation. Beth is a real superhero!

9. On the Ellen DeGeneres Show


Beth story was sent to Ellen and she later appeared on the set with Dena, where they talked not only about the story but also about the need to have more living donors. Beth stated that she has registered to donate more

8. Living Donation


The young teacher is also a registered donor for organs, tissue, eye, and even on the bone marrow registry. She is willing to donate whatever is possible because she wants to help save people’s lives.

7. The Story Went Viral


‘There’s so much negativity in media right now that I think that’s why our story went so viral so quickly’, said Beth on the show. But with the news traveling so fast, Beth had to quickly have a talk with her two children about it…

6. A Teacher, a Mom, a Hero


Beth had to talk to her children right before anyone could tell them. She has two kids, one is 6 and the other is 8. You won’t believe how they reacted and what questions they had for her!

5. ‘Why You, Mom?’


That was the first reaction. Beth said that after she ‘explained how sick Lyla was, and they met her and saw all of the machines and medications, they understood.’ And while preparing for organ donation, Beth was also an advocate for it…

4. Learning About Organ Donation


‘My friends didn’t know much about organ donation, so this has been a great way to educate more people,’ said the teacher. She really is our hero! Her next words will bring tears to your eyes.

3. The Gift of Life


‘I wanted to give Lyla the future. A normal, happy, healthy future.’ And she advised ‘anyone who has this same feeling to go in and get tested as a donor and give the gift of life’.

2. Giving Back


Beth comes from a family that has also received generosity. Her parents set her an example. Back in the 1990s, her uncle and godfather also needed a kidney and after receiving it, he lived ten more years. This is what she said…

1. ‘My Turn’


‘Someone gave him 10 extra years, and I just wanted to give back. It was my turn,’ said Beth. Now Beth and Lyla are healthy and happy. Dena said that ‘Beth is and always will be a part of our family. A piece of her, literally and figuratively, will always be with us.’