While the idea of taking in stray puppies, dogs and even wolves may sound interesting, this Russian couple decided to do the unexpected. The 300 Lbs. grizzly bear has an inseparable bond with the family – it’s just that the idea is all too wild!

20. Meet Stepan the Cuddliest Grizzly Bear

Image: Chron.Com

At the time of going viral all over the internet, Stepan was estimated to be around 23 years old. That’s a lot of age for a grizzly bear who is associated with a feral species. To be honest, taking in a bear under normal circumstances is highly unlikely.

19. This Isn’t Your Normal GrizzlyBear

Image: Chron.Com

Stepan’s case was a little different. As Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko, the proud owners of the grizzly like to recall it, the bear was abandoned when he was just a few months old cub. At that time, the couple tried their best to hand over the grizzly bear to the authorities, but things didn’t turn out that way.

18. The Animal Forms an Unusual Bond

Image: Chron.Com

Stepan found comfort in Svetlana and Yuriy’s warm embrace. The couple wanted to take care of the bear for a few months and turn him over to the concerned experts, but they had a change of heart.

17.  Doesn’t He Look Cute?

Image: Dailymail.Co.Uk

Let’s admit it, the bear does look way too much adorable and cuddly to begin with. For Yuriy and his wife, spending the rest of their lives with Stepan means sharing far beyond an occasional dinner with the furry friend.

The bear remains in constant contact with the couple, just like any other house pet. Except that this one weighs like a behemoth, and has the tendency to get violent at any given day. Regardless, the old man and woman take care of the bear as their own.

16. The Bear is Like a Surrogate Child

Image: Dailymail.Co.Uk

For Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko, the bear holds a special place in their hearts. Since the couple has been spending their entire life in isolation, they treat Stepan as their own! The unspeakable bond is so strong between the bear and its caretakers that the animal acts in a totally submissive and adorable manner.

15. Warning: Bears Are Not Recommended as Pets

Image: Dailymail.Co.Uk

Bears are normally not considered friendly when they’re out there in the wilds. As a matter of fact, “friendly” might just be an understatement because there have been reports of wild bear attacks all over the country.

14. Stepan’s Stature Is All Too Intimidating

Image: Imgur.Com

Standing at 7 feet, the large mammal acts like a domesticated pet You can see in some of the snapshots that the bear has a knack of watching TV, “reading” books or sitting besides the husband and wife on daily basis.

13. This Bear Puts the Fun in Everything

Image: Imgur.Com

By the way, as much as the neighbors detest Yuriy’s decision of keeping a “pet” bear, they know that their area is secure. The sight of a grizzly bear charging at anyone is scary enough to keep intruders at bay.

12. Spending Adorable Moments With His Surrogate Parents

Image: Imgur.Com

Stepan is extremely gentle and caring for a bear his age. Maybe the reason is because he has spent most part of his life with human beings, and that’s who he relates to them.

11. The Couple is Lukcy to Have Stepan In Their Lives

Image: BuzzFeed.Com

Had the bear lived in captivity, or caught at an adult age, it would have reacted aggressively to his captors’ intentions. Bears can be very mean in this sense and they know how to hold a grudge against someone.

10. Yuriy Taught This Bear a Lot of Tricks

Image: BuzzFeed.Com

For Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko, Stepan demonstrates extreme trust and nothing but good manners. The bear follows simple instructions such as “Sit”, “Stand” or vice versa. Also, Stepan knows how to turn a few tricks to please the old couple if they are in a shallow mood.

9. Stepan Is Pretty Unusual for a Pet

Image: BuzzFeed.Com

You may also be surprised to know that this grizzly bear takes part in the family’s daily chores like a fellow human being. Stepan likes to water the plants; cuddles with Yuriy when he’s watching TV and sits down with Svetlana when she’s having her morning breakfast.

8. The Bear Is All Too Friendly With Everyone!

Image: Bing.Com

That’s not all though. The bear has a friendly nature that’s been known around the local vicinity for a long time now. People from different communities like to walk up to Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko and ask their permission to take a few photographs with Stepan.

7. Stepan Is The Most Cuddliest Grizzly Bear of All Time

Image: Bing.Com

The grizzly bear is more than happy to mingle with friendly strangers. He knows how to strike a pose, or act like as if he knows what’s going on. Stepan is just all too much adorable for a giant life-sized grizzly bear.

6. Yuriy and Svetlana Share Their Worries

Image: Bing.Com

The only thing that’s taking a toll on the couple’s nerves is Stepan’s growing appetite. The bear’s favorite dish is condensed milk, and he goes through a big bowl of porridge every day. On top of that, Stepan can consume food and vegetable up to 50 Lbs. in quantity on daily basis.

5. Barely Able to Manage Bear’s Food Expenses

Image: The Sun

While Stepan was just a cub, it was easier for Svetlana and Yuriy to take care of the bear’s diet. As years passed by, things started to look a little slim in Yuriy’s wallet. However, he refused to give up on the bear.

4. Things Are Not Completely Hopeless

Image: The Sun

The old couple would work hard to make extra money in an effort to keep up with the bear’s growing needs. They also invited models and people who wanted to take photographs with their bear for magazines and personal collection.

3. Stepan Is an Online Celebrity

Image: HuffingtonPost.Com

The bear’s fame led him to become a viral success in the online world. People love Stepan, and both Svetlana and Yuriy likes to admit that they get to hear or read all kinds of praises about the furry animal.

2. Grizzly Bear Loves to Act Like His Owners

Image: HuffingtonPost.Com

In his spare time, Stepan likes to play football and pretends that he knows a thing or two about reading books, and playing chess. This is perhaps one of the most sociable bears to date; what do you think? Let us know through the comments section below.

1.Got Something to Share about Unlikeliest Animals as Adorable Pets?

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If you happen to have an adopted pet that seems out of the norm or anything ordinary, please ahre your experiences through the comments section below. We’d love to hear your intake on Stepan’s relationship with this Russian couple.

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