The bond a man shares with his dog is something truly special. There’s nothing that can ever separate them and this is why people have such a difficult time when their dog is lost or hurt. The story that I am about to show you is heartbreaking but fortunately, it has a happy ending!

20. Barry Gearhart

The man we are seeing in this picture is Barry Gearhart and that is his dog, Titan. The two have been together for a couple of years and they are just like family. Sadly, Titan got lost and Barry couldn’t seem to find him anywhere.

19. $1,000 Reward

Barry was searching for his pit bull for more than one year now and he was getting desperate. The man even put up a reward of $1,000 for whoever finds him!

18. Titan Was Stolen

Barry is saying that his dog is not actually lost because he was stolen. Barry searched everywhere but he couldn’t find his beloved Titan. Luckily, fate would smile on Barry and you won’t believe where he found Titan.

17. Looking At Facebook Pictures

Barry went through all the rescue centers around his local area and he was left out of options. This is when he started to scroll on Facebook looking at pictures of Titan, trying to remember how happy he was when Titan was around. To Barry’s surprise, he spotted something which will help him find Titan.

16. Finding Titan

As Barry was scrolling through Facebook pictures, he spotted a comment where someone said that a dog who looks just like Titan is in a nearby shelter! He couldn’t believe his eyes. The dog he was searching for more than one year was right next to his home! Could this be true?

15. The Shelter

The person who commented on the Facebook photo said that the dog who looks like Titan is named Hank and that he is in a nearby shelter. Barry didn’t want to waste any more time and started getting dressed to leave immediately.

14. Good Memories

Barry was reminiscing about the good times he spent with Titan and without giving it any second thought, he went straight to the shelter.

13. Incredible Moment

The next picture will show you how Barry found Titan, but we have to warn that it’s heartbreaking! Titan was held in a cage and he was terrified!

12. Titan Is Alive

This is the first picture that Barry took of Titan. Even though the poor pitbull was in a cage and he was terrified, Barry was happy to know that he is alive. You won’t believe what Titan did next.

11. Calling For Help

The dog instantly recognized Barry and started barking. It was his way of calling for help. How do you think Barry reacted to this?

10. Emotional Moment

Barry couldn’t hold his emotions in after seeing Titan. He started crying and he couldn’t believe that he finally got lucky and found his long-lost dog. After a while…

9. Titan Calms Down

Barry started talking to Titan and the dog calmed down. This was an incredible moment to see, but it pales in comparison with what happened next.

8. Happiest Ride Home

Barry didn’t waste any time and took Titan to the car. As we can clearly see, this was the happiest ride home ever. You won’t believe what the people at the shelter told Barry…

7. Titan Was Going To Be Put Off

It seems like Barry made it just in time to save his canine best friend because the people at the shelter already decided to put Titan down. To make things even worse, the reason why they wanted to put Titan down will break your heart.

6. Not Enough Room

The reason why Titan was about to get euthanized was that the people at the shelter just didn’t have enough room to keep him there. Luckily, Barry came just in the nick of time.

5. Safe And Happy

Titan is now safe and happy. Barry took him straight home because he knew that Titan needed to get some rest after being stuck in that small cage for so much time.

4. Comfortable Sleep

After spending one year in a steel cage, Titan was finally able to get some good sleep. Barry says that the first thing his dog did after getting home was to jump into his bed. Isn’t this adorable?

3. Extra Careful

Barry is never going to leave Titan out of his sight and he will be extra careful whenever they go for walks. He lost him once and he doesn’t want that to happen again.

2. Happy Dog

Just look at how happy Titan looks now that he is reunited with his canine friend! I bet that Titan will not leave the house alone again.

1.Burgers And Fries

Barry knows that Titan didn’t get to eat tasty food while he was at the shelter and he makes sure to give him a burger and a hot dog every now and then. All that matters is that the two are back together and that Barry managed to save Titan just in the nick of time.