Dolphins are pretty incredible animals in so many ways. Aside from being downright adorable and social creatures, these aquatic mammals are highly intelligent. Are you in need of some convincing? Then you’ll be blown away by this story of a group of dolphins that actually saved a drowning dog!

20. Dolphins

Image: AnimalAnswers

Dolphins have always been fascinating to humans. As an aquatic mammal, their way of living is incredibly interesting, not to mention, they’re also super adorable and friendly. However, there’s far more to dolphins than just their cuteness.

19. Highly Intelligent

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You may not have thought it but dolphins are one of the smartest animal species on Earth. According to Lori Marino,  the Founder and Executive Director of The Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy, “their brain size compared to the average for their body size) is second only to humans.”

18. Problem Solvers


Due to their high intelligence, dolphins are capable of being excellent problem solvers. They are great at figuring out a solution and are also very compassionate creatures. This is why when one dog found himself in a bad situation, a group of dolphins was the first to help.

17. Falling In

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Turbo, an 11-year-old Doberman, was hanging around outside on Marco Island, Florida, when he found himself in a very bad situation. The dog was just enjoying himself when suddenly fell into a canal…

16. No One

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There were no humans around anywhere and no one had seen the poor dog fall in. He was all on his own and the situation was starting to look seriously bleak. Then, the most miraculous thing happened.

15. Heroes

Image: Miami Herald

Suddenly, a group of dolphins made their way over to the dog. They could see that he was in distress and wanted to help out. Without any help, Turbo would have surely drowned.

14. Splashing

Image: Barkpost

The dolphins noticed that the pup was in danger because of how erratically he was splashing around in the water. They began to swim closer and closer to see what they could do. Then they realized that this wouldn’t be an easy mission.

13. Stuck

Image: Life With Dogs

The dog was actually stuck in the canal. The wall was far too high for him to make it back on land and so he frantically splashed around in fear. The dolphins then decided that they needed to help fast!

12. A Plan

Image: Shareably

With no hands or opposable thumbs, it was pretty difficult for the dolphins to physically help out Turbo. Then suddenly the most amazing idea dawned on them. They quickly went into action.

11. Loud Noises

Image: Wired

The group of dolphins decided that the best way to help out would to be call out for help! So the group began to swim around and make a ton of loud noises. This quickly caught the attention of people nearby.

10. Getting Attention


In fact, they made so much noise that some people who lived nearby happened to hear them and investigated why they were being so loud,” Snackay wrote. “Then they noticed the dog trapped below the wall in the canal water.”

9. Owner

Image: KTAR News

According to the Huffington Post reporting, “Owner Cindy Burnett said her pooch had been missing for more than 15 hours when neighbors heard a loud splashing in a nearby canal.” Neighbors finally called in a rescue team to help out the pooch.

8. Firemen

Image: pawsomeanimals

Firemen quickly rushed to the scene to help out. They managed to pull out the dog from the canal safely. Although he was okay, the dog was still pretty shaken up about the entire experience.

7. Treading

Image: YouTube

It was a pretty traumatic experience for Turbo, after all. Officials stated that the dog was treading water for around 15 hours before help was sent over. Burnett said her pet was “shivering and in a lot of distress.”

6. Miracle

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The lady here who had gotten him out of the canal said, ‘No, the dolphins were with him,'” Burnett said. “it was a miracle. “If he had to tread water all night long, I know he wouldn’t have been able to.”

5. Dolphin Heroes

Image: YouTube

Without the dolphin’s help, it is unlikely that Turbo would have survived the ordeal. After all, treading water for around 15 hours is an especially long time. Turbo was certainly exhausted after such an ordeal. 

4. Dehydrated

Image: Dog Pack

Outside of being absolutely exhausted, the dog would have been completely dehydrated as well. The water that he was treading in was salt water, so even if he tried to get a sip to drink he’d only be thirstier afterwards. So how is Turbo doing now?

3. Recovering


According to NBC Miami: “Turbo has fully recovered from his ordeal and actually had a chance to thank the dolphins who rescued him, although he was going into the water to do it.” Camera crew actually walked around by the canal to spot out the hero dolphins.

2. Appreciative

Image: Pinterest

Thanks to the dolphins, Turbo is able to live another day. Their smart thinking and excellent problem-solving skills came in handy to help save a life. Although they knew they couldn’t physically help they put their heads together and came up with the next best thing.

1. Inspiring

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A story like this one is incredibly inspiring and showcases just how intelligent and emotionally intuitive animals can be. Thanks to these quick-thinking dolphins, a dog’s life was saved.