It was a very scary moment for one diver when she thought she was going to drown. What was even scarier, however, was when she was approached by a beluga whale. The diver had no idea what was going to happen to her but she braced herself for the worst. Then, the most unbelievable thing happened.

20. A Young Diver

Image: talesfromoverthehorizon

One young diver in China owes her life to a Beluga whale. Yang Yun, 26, found herself in a very scary situation that she didn’t prepare for. Then, the most unexpected thing happened that ended up saving her life.

19. Legs

Image: DailyMail

It was a moment that one could only describe as true terror. As Yang Yun was diving into water she found her leg clamped up in the mouth of a Beluga whale. She had no idea what would happen next and feared for her life.

18. Diving Contest

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Yun was taking part in a free diving contest without the use of any breathing equipment. It was at the Polar Land Aquarium in Harbin, North East China. So what was Yun doing without any equipment?

17. A Job

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Yun was hoping to score a job at the aquarium and was competing against other divers for a position. Yun ended up being one of the seven finalists in the competition. This meant that she had to do something even more daring to win the spot.

16. Diving Deep

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The young diver knew she had to make a name for herself so she decided to do something crazy. She dived in without any gear into the icy cold tank water. Suddenly, something unexpected happened to her.

15. Leg Cramp

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As she began to run out of air, Yun began to push herself back up to the surface. However, her leg began to cramp and she realized that she couldn’t move. She thought this was going to be the end for her.

14. Sinking

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Since she was unable to use her legs, Yun began to slowly sink to the bottom of the tank. The deep water was pushing her down and she couldn’t fight it. It was a very scary situation to be in.

13. The Whales

Image: Explore Harbin

It seems that the whales inside of the tank sensed that something wasn’t right. Inside of the tank were whales Mila and her friend Nicola. No one expected how the Beluga whales would react to Yun’s drowning.

12. A Rescue

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Suddenly, without warning, Mila grabbed Yun’s leg in her mouth. Yun was stunned and had no idea what was happening. All she knew was that she didn’t want to sink further down.

11. Pushing Up


With Yun’s leg in her mouth, Mila began to push her up toward the surface of the water. It was an incredible shock to everyone, including Yun who thought that the end had come for her. Eventually, she made it back up to the surface, unharmed.

10. Eyewitnesses


We suddenly saw the girl being pushed to the top of the pool with her leg in Mila’s mouth,” said an official at Polar Land in Harbin, north-east China. “She’s a sensitive animal who works closely with humans and I think this girl owes Mila her life.”

9. Video Footage

Image: DailyMail

Since the tanks are monitored, the aquarium was able to capture footage of Mila’s heroic efforts. The footage shows as Mila grabs Yun’s leg and continues to push her up. Yun is still in shock over how everything occurred.

8. Yun’s Explanation

Image: DailyMail

I began to choke and sank even lower and I thought that was it for me – I was dead. Until I felt this incredible force under me driving me to the surface,” Yun explained. So why wasn’t Yun harmed when Mila grabbed the diver’s leg with her mouth?

7. Small Teeth

Image: Interesting Animal Facts

For those that may not know, Beluga whales have a hearty diet of small fish and squid. This is why they have very small teeth as they do not need harsh force to indulge in their meals. This is the main reason why Yun’s leg was not damaged in the process.

6. Social Creatures


Beluga whales are very social creatures and they often interact with humans just as much as they interact with each other. It isn’t odd to find Beluga whales bonding well with a human. They even have a special nickname that describes their social nature perfectly…

5. Canaries

Image: Newsweek

Belugas are known as the “canaries of the sea.” The reason for this unique nickname is the fact that they create a vast range of sounds while underwater. They are always talking and socializing in their groups that are also called pods.

4. Intelligent

Image: YouTube

Beluga whales are also very intelligent as well. They are a part of the Cetacea order of animals that includes dolphins, whales, and porpoises. These animals have amazing problem-solving skills and it definitely showed in Mila when she performed her daring rescue.

3. Super Smart

Image: Panama Jack Blog

In fact, Beluga whales are so smart that they were the first whale to interact with mankind. They also have facial muscles that allow them to smile which gives them that super cute appearance!

2. Grateful

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Without the help of Mila, Yun doesn’t know what would have happened to her. However, the possibilities aren’t very great. The young diver owes her life to one highly intelligent Beluga whale that was willing to do the right thing.

1. Mila’s Help

Image: Pinterest

Mila is obviously a smart Beluga whale and she managed to prove it in the most extraordinary way. “Mila noticed the problem before we did,” explained an organizer. This Beluga whale is now a hero in her own right and Yun is still alive, thankfully.