There are many people who love animals, but not all of them would sacrifice as much as Debbie and John do. These two have dedicated their lives to saving wild wolves and providing them with a safe sanctuary. In fact, the two have created their own Wolf Sanctuary called Big Oak and they did it all through donations!

20. Macowi

The wolf we are seeing in this picture is called Macowi. He is one of the 60 wolf-dog hybrids that live in Big Oak Sanctuary and he wouldn’t be alive if Debbie and John didn’t save him.

19. Kyra

Out of all the 60 wolves, Kyra is the one who had the saddest story. The woman in this picture is Debbie and as you can clearly see, the wolves love being around her!

18. Meet John

John is the co-owner of Big Oak Sanctuary and his dedication to saving animals is inspiring. The man spends all his time rescuing and taking care of abused animals that have nowhere else to go. Now, this is how a hero looks like! Here’s how their amazing story started…

17. Donations

The most amazing thing about the Big Oak Sanctuary is that it runs only through donations. This means that Debbie and John are not making any profits and their dedication to saving animals is truly special.

16. Abusive Pasts

The saddest part about the sanctuary is that nearly all wolves come from abusive pasts. This picture shows us Maggie who was living in an overcrowded enclosure where she had to fight with other wolves for food. Luckily, Debbie and John took her in. Let’s see how she looks now.

15. Healthy and Happy

Maggie looks like a brand-new wolf only weeks after living with Debbie and John. That’s not all! Maggie even made a best friend at the sanctuary! Keep reading to see them together.

14. Best Friends

Who says that animals can’t have best friends? The black wolf is Jezebel and she quickly befriended Maggie when she got to the sanctuary. Isn’t it amazing how much these wolves care for each other? But working at the sanctuary can also be heartbreaking…

13. Injured Wolf

One of the most heartbreaking wolf rescue stories is the one about Moses who is pictured here. This wolf was sick and injured when John and Debbie took him in. Sadly, he didn’t make it and this broke the two rescuers’ hearts. But Kyra had a different fate…

12. Kyra’s Past

You’ve already seen this wolf before, but she was in a way better state than this. Kyra was stuck in a small cage when John and Debbie first found her. Not only that, but she didn’t know how to eat properly! Can you imagine the hardships this wolf went through?

11. Healthy And Strong

Despite living in a small cage and being neglected for her first year, Kyra is healthy and strong now. Debbie and John say that they can’t believe how much Kyra changed after they took her in. The next picture of Kyra will amaze you!

10. Happy Wolf

Kyra wasn’t healthy and she was aggressive towards humans when John and Debbie found her. Although, who could blame the wolf when she was mistreated for so long? You won’t believe how she acts around humans nowadays.

9. Cuddles

Kyra is a new wolf! She doesn’t growl and try to bite people anymore and instead, she goes and cuddles with them. Isn’t this amazing? How much the power of love changed this wolf is incredible. Kyra also likes to spend time in the pool, check her out in the next photo!

8. Giant Pool

One of the coolest things about the Big Oak Sanctuary is this huge pool. Wolves love to jump in it and cool off during the hot summer days. If you think the pictures you’ve seen until now were amazing, then you really need to see what’s coming next!

7. Having Fun

Debbie and John say that the most amazing thing about rescuing wolves is seeing how much they change after spending a couple of days at the sanctuary. It’s like they become someone else. Instead of cowering in fear as they did during the first days after being rescued, the wolves star running around the enclosure and having fun together.

6. Wolf Den

Another cool thing that Debbie and John built are underground dens. The two want wolves to feel just like home and that’s why they created the dens. Not only that, but the dens are built underground and they provide the wolves with a cool place during summer.

5. Curious Look

Would you have the courage to get this close to a wolf? I know I wouldn’t. This shows us just how brave Debbie and John are. People like them are rare and the world would be a better place if everyone was so selfless.

4. Looking Down

Can you see how happy that wolf looks? That big smile is what makes all the work Debbie and John put in every day worth it!

3. Goofing Around

This cute wolf is called Israel and he loves to goof around! Just like dogs, wolves dig holes in the ground and as you can see, Israel was caught in the act.

2. Just Talking

Even though it might seem like the two wolves are fighting, this is not the case! This is just how they communicate through growls.

1.Another Look At Kyra

We’re going to end this with another picture of Kyra because it’s incredible how much she changed after being placed in the sanctuary. If you take a look at #12 and then at this picture, then you are going to clearly see how much Debbie and John’s work is paying off.