Most dogs go crazy for delicious treats. In fact, special trainers use treats as rewards to teach dogs how to do all types of tricks. This is how much pooches love eating these snacks and they need to be good boys if they want to keep receiving them. However, a clever dog managed to find a way to “buy” as many treats as he wants!

20. Delicious Treats

If there is one thing that everyone knows about dogs, then it must be that they go nuts after treats. I bet that if dogs could talk, asking for treats would be the only thing they said.

19. Good Boys

Most dogs get delicious treats for being good boys, but one pooch figured out a way to get as many as he wants. You will not believe how clever this dog is!!

18. Buying Treats

This dog is called Negro and after spending all his time watching humans, he learned that they buy everything they want and he decided to do the same thing. I bet you can’t guess what type of currency the dog offers in exchange for treats!

17. School Campus

The reason why Negro was able to learn how humans purchase stuff is that he lives on this school campus. Negro wandered on the school campus five years ago and he decided that he loves it here. What do you think the students think about Negro? Are they afraid of him?

16. Lovable Dog

Even though Negro is a big dog, the students love being around him. Negro is a gentle dog and he has never tried hurting anyone. To make things even better, the doggo loves receiving belly rubs from the students.

15. Angela Garcia Bernal

Angela is one of the teachers at the school and she is the one who feeds Negro doggy treats every day. The next picture will show you how Negro buys treats from Angela.

14. Buying Treats

As we can clearly see, this clever dog gets on top of the counter where Angela is sitting. Negro has been doing this for a long time and people are still amazed every time they see him. What do you think he trades in exchange for delicious treats?

13. Negro Brings A Leaf

Negro obviously doesn’t have any money and he brings a leaf instead. Angela gladly takes the leaf and gives Negro the treat he wants. Check out the next picture to see how Negro trades in the leaf.

12. Hungry Dog

Can you imagine how cool it must be to have a dog come up to you like this? Negro is never going to be hungry as long there are leaves around the school campus.

11. The Teacher

















Angela says that she loves giving Negro treats and that she looks forward to this moment every day. Although, giving him treats is not the only thing that Angela did for Negro…

10. Doggy Bed

Angela wanted to make sure that Negro feels loved and welcomed around the school campus and she purchased a special doggy bed for him. Isn’t she amazing?

9. Big Smiles

Angela says that Negro plays an important role on the school campus because he brings big smiles on students’ faces. This is why she loves having Negro around and why she always gives him treats in exchange for leaves.

8. Cute Dog

Negro doesn’t only have a comfortable bed to sleep in and healthy food to eat, but he also receives lots of love around the campus. The cute doggy receives pets all day long and this makes him happy.

7. He Isn’t Greedy

The coolest thing about this entire thing is that Negro is not greedy. Even though there are tens of leaves around, Negro just grabs only one treat a day.

6. Smart Dog

Negro is without any doubt a smart dog, but what really matters is that he makes everyone’s lives better by being around the school campus. Nonetheless, let’s check out some hilarious pictures of dogs trying to catch treats mid-air.

5. Catching Treats

Catching treats mid-air is not an easy task, but it’s super hilarious to see the faces that these dogs make! The next picture will crack you up!

4. Focused!

Isn’t it hilarious how hard this adorable pug is trying to focus on catching the treat mid-air? Pugs are adorable!

3. Happiness

The way this dog looks at the treat is just too cute! You can read the happiness in his eyes.

2. German Shepard

Good thing German Sheppards have big mouths because this means that they will always catch every treat that’s thrown their way.

1. Doggy Heaven

This picture shows us what doggy heaven probably looks like. Treats everywhere! What did you think of Negro and his way of getting treats?