Thuy Duong was absolutely shocked the day her cat finally went into labor. She quickly rushed over to be right by her cat’s side when she noticed that she wasn’t the only support system in the room. In the corner was daddy cat and Duong was blown away by how he was reacting to the situation.

20. Facebook News

Image: Scribol

Back in February 2017, Thuy Duong decided to announce some pretty amazing news to all of her Facebook friends. Her beautiful had just given birth to a litter of kittens in her Hanoi home and she had tons of pictures to share.

19. Adopted

Image: Scribol

Duong’s family adopted their two cats, Tam and Yello, a year ago. Despite not knowing each other before, Tam and Yello quickly became the best of friends. They bonded so well that Tam was soon pregnant!

18. Coming Home

Image: Scribol

After coming back home from attending a wedding, Duong quickly realized that Tam was ready to give birth. She quickly washed her hands and changed out of her nice clothes to help with the delivery process. She was excited to help.

17. Photographs

Image: Scribol

Since Duong was so excited about the delivery, she decided to snap photos of the entire event. She took a series of photos that showed the moment when the mom first saw all four of her new kittens. However, mama Tam wasn’t the only one excited to see the new babies.

16. Daddy Cat

Image: Scribol

While Tam was super excited to see her newborn kittens, she wasn’t the only one. Daddy cat, Yello, stood by throughout the entire delivery process. He made sure to watch over to make sure things were running smoothly.

15. Arrival

Image: Scribol

When the babies finally made it into the world, Yello quickly took on the role of dedicated father. He ran over to the kittens and swiftly began to clean them off. Once he took care of that he ran over to Tam to see if she was okay.

14. A Kiss

Image: Scribol

In one of the photos, you can see what appears to be a kiss exchanged between Tam and Yello. Yello was even photographed putting his paw around his new family as they all fell asleep together. The family was happily complete…

13. Yello’s Behavior

Image: Scribol

Duong was absolutely shocked by Yello’s dedicated behavior, as it seemed to be pretty out of character for him. When Bored Panda interviewed her, Duong revealed Yello was never really friendly and only ever spent time with Tam or the family dog.

12. Odd Behavior

Image: Scribol

Yello’s strangely affectionate nature wasn’t just odd for him. Many experts state that male cats often try to kill kittens when they are born. In fact, that’s why many people advise keeping the male cat away from pregnant cats.

11. Wild Nature

Image: Scribol

This type of behavior isn’t unusual for felines. A great example is lions, as many new lions will kill off existing cubs in order to increase their chances of mating with the women in the pride. Male lions have also been known to kill male cubs that threaten their dominance.

10. Unusually Paternal

Image: Scribol

With all of this information in mind it makes Yello’s behavior even more unique and shocking. It isn’t often that you find a male cat that is so willing to take on a caring paternal role. Yello is truly a special cat and a great father…

9. Not Alone

Image: Scribol

Although Yello’s behavior isn’t the ‘norm’ for male cats, it has happened before. Cat owners have reported that their male cats will help out with cleaning the kittens and playing around with them. Some have even brought their litters to the house to show them off.

8. Great Pictures

Image: Scribol

The photos that Duong was able to get were incredible. Everyone on the Internet was in awe over Yello’s dedication to his newborns. One album even received over 8,000 reactions on Facebook alone.

7. Stunned

Image: Scribol

Duong was surprised at how much attention her cats were receiving. “I almost ran out of battery because [of all the] reports,” she wrote on her Facebook. “My cat is famous. Look at [his] wife and children that are still lying [next] to each other and dry my tears.”

6. More Attention

Image: Scribol

Duong’s cat got even more attention when a user uploaded the photos onto Imgur. The photos have gotten over 500,000 views on Imgur only. Users have even left tons of supportive comments under the pictures.

5. Disbelief

Image: Scribol

One user couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the album filled with photos of Yello so in love with his kittens. “I have never seen a father cat in my life,” the Imgur user wrore. “This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.”

4. More Comments

Image: Scribol

One user in particular quickly noticed a similarity between Yello and most new fathers.

He looks stressed, then caring, then attentive, then content,” one Imgur user noticed about Yello. “Just like human fathers going through the same experience.”

3. Shared Experiences

Image: Scribol

Some users began to share their own experiences about their cats giving birth.

“We had cats like this,” one user wrote. “When the mom left the babies to eat and they started meowing, the dad would jump in and keep them company till she came back.”

2. A Bond

Image: Scribol

It seems that a bond between a father and their child isn’t just a human thing after all. These new kittens are certainly lucky to be able to have two doting parents that will continue to look after them throughout their lives.

1. Sweet Ending

Image: Bored Panda

Yello is truly a proud father and you can tell just by the way he dotes on his kids that he’s a terrific dad. Be sure to share this heartwarming story with all of your friends and family so that they can fall in love with this beautiful story too!

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