People usually adopt dogs because they are cute and fluffy. This is what made it hard for Beaux Tox to find a loving family. Beaux Tox is an unlucky Labrador Retriever that was born with a facial deformity which made him look quite unique. This caused him to be neglected but luckily, he crossed paths with Jamie Hulit.

20. Beaux Tox

This happy fella is Beaux Tox and as you can clearly see, he doesn’t look like an ordinary Labrador Retriever. You won’t believe what caused this to happen…

19. Facial Deformity

The reason why Beaux Tox’s face looks so strange is that he was squashed in his mother’s womb when he was just a pup. The mamma dog had six pups and Beaux Tox was one of them.

18. Intelligent Dog

Even though his face might lead some people to believe that Beaux Tox is not a clever dog, the pooch is actually quite intelligent. Doctors scanned him and concluded that his intelligence and personality are intact. Although, the deformity still made it difficult for him to find a loving home.

17. Dog Breeding

The saddest thing about Beaux Tox is that the people who owned him and his other siblings, wanted to sell them. The facial deformity made it so that no one wanted to adopt poor little Beaux Tox and he was given away for free.

16. Given Away

Even though Beaux Tox was given away for free, it seems like his bad luck didn’t go away. The man who ended up taking the pooch in neglected him. The dog was kept in the backyard at all times. Can you guess how much time Beaux Tox spent alone in that backyard?

15. Five Long Years

Beaux Tox lived alone in the backyard for five long years. Can you imagine how sad he must have felt? Things get even worse than this… make sure you keep reading to find out why.

14. Parasites

The poor dog was filled with parasites and diseases because he stayed outside for so long. Beaux Tox was not feeling good and the man who owned him took him to the shelter and abandoned him. This is when Beaux Tox crossed paths with his savior.

13. Jamie Hulit

Jamie Hulit found Beaux Tox in a steel cage. This woman would end up being the dog’s guardian angel because his facial deformity made her want to love him more!

12. The Vets Clear Him Out

Jamie Hulit knew that Beaux Tox had a rough life and she wanted to help him out. This is when she realized that adopting him is the best thing she could do, but first, she needed the vet to clear him out. How much time do you think that took?

11. Beaux Tox Is Free

After a quick check up, the vet told Jamie Hulit that Beaux Tox is a healthy dog. Knowing this, Jamie Hulit decided to adopt the pooch and free him of the steel cage he was kept in. Isn’t this amazing?

10. Loving Home

After years and years of living outside in the cold, Beaux Tox finally had a loving home. The dog was mistreated for so much time that he didn’t even know how to react to being kept inside the house…

9. New Friends

Beaux Tox didn’t take long to make new friends with the dogs that the woman who adopted him already owned. Just look at happy how he seems to be in this picture. Beaux Tox was finally feeling loved.

8. Happy Family

The coolest thing about Beaux Tox’s new home is that there was already another Retriever there and he instantly made friends with him. Isn’t it amazing how dogs don’t care about facial deformities while people didn’t even want to get close to him?

7. Best Friends

Beaux Tox’s new owner says that he instantly befriended her other two dogs. Despite looking a bit different, Beaux Tox was just another regular dog at heart.

6. Big Smile

Just look at this big bright smile, this is what every dog should look like! People who can’t take care of pets shouldn’t take them in the first place because locking them in the backyard is no way to live.

5. Perfect For Each Other

“They’re perfect for each other and even though Beaux acts like a puppy – it helps Riley stay young”, said the owner. Beaxu is 6 years old and Riley is 13, but the age difference is not an issue for them.

4. Life Of Hardship

Beaux Tox’s life wasn’t that good, but the dog finally has someone to care for him. The best thing about this is that Beaux somehow didn’t lose his joy of life and loves having fun with other dogs, just keep reading and listen to what his owner has to say about this.

3. Full Of Life

“He’s so full of life, and he’s just brought so much to us”, said the owner. It seems like the woman’s decision to adopt Beaux Tox is paying off.

2. Car Rides

Beaux Tox is just like a normal dog. He enjoys sticking his tongue out in the wind during car rides and running around the house all day long.

1.Happy Life

All that’s left now is for Beaux Tox to forget about his difficult past and enjoy the happy life that his new family is providing him with.